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Husker Bracket-O-Hate: Final Four

After hundreds of votes we’ve finally reached the Final Four of Hate.

We have three #1 seeds and a #3 seed in the semifinals. We also have two Quarterback versus Defender match-ups, or as some may see it, the “Defense Wins Championships” adage versus the VERY made-up “Douches Win Hate Brackets” mantra.

Colt McCoy, Chase Daniel and Warren Sapp all ran through their respective regions quite easily, while The Boz out Sooner-Magic’d his Oklahoma region opponents to advance to the Final Four as a 3-seed.

Now is where the voting really gets intense. Can Bosworth even put up a fight against the juggernaut that is the hate for Colt McCoy? Will UM or MU prevail in the Daniel V. Sapp match-up? Only the voters have the answers, so HATE-VOTE AWAY!

This round of voting ends Sunday the 28th at 12 AM CST. Then it’s on to the ‘Ship! 



Semifinal #1

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Semifinal #2

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