Hits & Botches: Money in the Bank

Money in the bank rollins

Each year we are treated to several big name shows Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, and Summerslam are normally atop that list. Behind them we get several “gimmick” or “B” pay-per views as many would call that’s where Money in the Bank usually falls. Since becoming a stable pay-per view MITB has given us at least two entertaining ladder matches…that was until this year. Tonight was by definition a lackluster night with a few moments that shined. It wasn’t a horrible pay-per view it just wasn’t an exciting one either.


Honestly, the pre-show has become one of the biggest disappointments, each time it seems like we are given less and less of what made it fun and interesting to begin with. The matches have been nothing special and the segments come off like rejected ideas from Raw and Smackdown.

Renee Young and Booker T hold together the analyst team with Corey Graves being more of a character then someone giving you his insight into the show.  We understand that wrestling isn’t real but the whole idea behind the analyst team is to make it seem like it is. I’m in favor of replacing Byron Saxton from the team with someone who will actually add something to the show, as for now he seems like just a placeholder.

Photo by WWE

Photo by WWE

As for the pre-show’s match we got to see the burial of King Barrett continue as he faced off against R-Truth in a match that gave you nothing. Barrett came down in a shiny new outfit that resembled Puff Daddy & Mase’s suits from the “Feel So Good” video. Barrett was getting over while delivering Bad News why they took that away from him for this and a few other failed adjustments along the way is beyond me.  Barrett should have won this match to at least give him some inkling of credibility but of course they had him lose to R-Truth. Truth on the other hand is starting to really hit a stride in what has to be the last leg of his WWE career. Good for him, horrible for Barrett.

Photo by WWE

Photo by WWE

The actually show kicks off with a graphic in memory of Dusty Rhodes, the arena fills with fans chanting his name and clapping along to his music…the entire roster in on the stage with Vince’s stanky leg being a standout from the somber moment.

Photo by WWE

Photo by WWE

Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Botch

By the end of the night I was asking myself who won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match…that’s pretty bad when the match that the PPV is supposed to be centered around is merely an afterthought. Mistakes will be made but it seemed that this entire match was one mistake after another. At first I was fine with WWE opening the PPV up with this match, but that was when I was under the impression the Roman Reigns would be walking away victorious and would be featured again during the show.

Another mistake was having Bray Wyatt randomly come out and cost Reigns the match. I understand if WWE felt like Reigns wasn’t the right man to win this match, but why introduce this as his feud for the summer. Two weeks ago on Raw Bray Wyatt failed to beat Roman Reigns after Reigns has already fought two matches both of which were physically demanding matches….so why are we now supposed to care about this feud? Both men have been the victim of less than stellar booking so maybe it was inevitable that they would eventually feud.

Speaking of less than stellar booking…Sheamus as the MITB briefcase holder is going to take some time to get used to. Since coming back the character has been good, but the booking hasn’t been even close. The flat feud with Ziggler followed by taking an L to Ryback at Elimination Chamber don’t necessarily scream World Champion to me. They’ve told us that Sheamus is a bad-ass who enjoys kicking ass, but they really haven’t shown us. I’d love to see him take on a similar role that Mark Henry’s Hall of Pain/Championship had where he just rag dolls everyone and seems like a legit bad-ass.

Aside from those issue my main problem with MITB Ladder match is that it seems to have lost that electricity that it once had. There is no longer that feeling of organized chaos, multiple guys are missing for 5-10 minutes at a time and the action just doesn’t seem to be there like it once was.

Photo by WWE

Photo by WWE

WWE Divas Title Match: Paige vs. Nikki Bella –Hit

Did WWE finally give the Divas some time to shine?

I know most people hate to watch the divas wrestle, but I’m not most people. I enjoy the NXT divas matches and the main roster ones have had their moments as of late, this match being one of them. We’ve seen these two wrestle more times than just about any other match-up on the main roster and this, so the finish was a little predictable…who am I kidding we all knew that they were going to pull the “Twin Magic” finish and Nikki was going to retain. Aside from that they seemed to actually get the time they dissevered. I can’t recall the last time we saw that many false finishes in a divas’ match.

While the match was a hit it did expose a bigger issue….we need to add some diversity to the Divas’ Title picture. It seems like it has been one constant Paige vs Nikki Bella feud over the last year and its growing stale. Both Divas are at the top of the food chain, but it might not hurt them to add a few other names to the mix and maybe even give us two divas feuds at a time.

Photo by WWE

Photo by WWE

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Big Show vs. Ryback- Botch

For a second there I forgot I was watching Money in the Bank and thought I was watching Raw. If the idea was to have Miz alter the ending of the match why not book that on Raw and the three-way at the PPV? Is the network to blame for this? Quite possible but the network isn’t going anywhere so this issue needs to eventually fix itself.

As for the match…I kind of sorta like Ryback but not enough where I’ll be interested in his IC title run. Personally I say throw the title on Miz. He has the ability to shine bright on the mic and his in-ring work is good enough to have some quality matches with guys like Ziggler and Neville.

Photo by WWE

Photo by WWE

John Cena vs Kevin Owens – Hit

People will toss the idea around that this is the start to Cena burying Owens, but those people are morons. This match was just as good if not better than their first outing and while we could have predicted that Cena would have walked away the winner they made you feel like you were going to be wrong and that was refreshing.

This has been the most versatile we’ve seen John Cena in a long time as he threw in a reverse suplex, electric chair drop, and leg-trap sunset powerbomb. Still say that springboard stunner needs to go, I’m sure Stone Cold agrees.

The ending might have been the biggest shocker of the night. I’m not talking about Owens almost shaking hands with Cena post match, although that did get me. I’m talking about how Cena actually took that powerbomb on the ring apron. I never thought they would let that happen, but I guess they most see dollar signs in Owens.

Photo by WWE

Photo by WWE

WWE Tag Team Title Match: The Prime Time Players vs. The New Day- Dusty Finish

I’m not sure how I really feel about this one….

On one hand I’m happy that they are finally giving the Prime Time Players a run with the tag team titles. Both Darren Young and Titus O’Neil have worked hard to get where they are at on the main roster. They’ve overcome the Abraham Washington incident, a bad split, and lackluster singles runs, plus Young’s injury to get where they are as an entertaining tag team worthy of a title run.

On the flip side of things New Day was just starting to hit their stride as champions and it felt like they deserved a long run with the titles. While PTP have really started to hit their stride on the mic it felt like New Day was getting into their prime with all three men working perfectly off one another.

Hopefully this isn’t over yet and these guys will get to continue facing off and putting on entertaining matches.

Photo by WWE

Photo by WWE

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins- Hit

Something I started to ask myself during this match….Does WWE do too many gimmick matches now? I’m not sure if they do or if collectively over my lifetime I’ve just seen so many. Whatever the case maybe it seems like matches like this just don’t have the same aura about them. With that being said these two worked their asses off to give us an entertaining match, it’s a damn shame that the finish was just so flat because the match itself wasn’t. Those power bomb into the barricade spots left me grabbing my own back.

These two always seem to leave it out there and I’m looking forward to seeing the blow-off match before Lesnar comes back into the picture…if this wasn’t already that match.

Money in the Bank has always been a solid event, but tonight it just didn’t have the same kind of energy that it has in the past. It could be the cluster of “events” that have taken place so close to one another or maybe it was just the card itself, either way this year’s Money in the Bank PPV fell into the botch bin.

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