Coming live & direct Late April…

‘Ladies and gentleman, we’d like to welcome to you

All the way from the slums of Shaolin

Special uninvited guests came in through the back door

Ladies and gentlemen, IT’s THEM‘ 

-Wu-Tang Clan

Not quite from the slums of Shaolin,  but NoCoastBias.com is a collection of avid sports fans with eclectic personalities and a desire to get their humble opinions and perceived expertise out to the masses. What ties them all together is their love of sports and the inevitable sports banter that precedes and follows every event – not to mention they’re all either from the middle of the map or currently reside in the ‘Heartland’ (Ah, ‘No Coast Bias’ makes sense now).

More information on what this site is all about and the type of columns, features and posts you’ll see from the NCB Crew will be provided as the launch date draws closer so be sure to check back for updates.

The launch date of the full No Coast Bias experience is scheduled for the end of April – 4/27 to be exact. A countdown clock will be added to the site to help you count down the days until launch and small updates will be posted along the way.  Until then, this placeholder site will be your central location for all things No Coast Bias.


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