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The Haps – 11/6: Ryan Lochte Tears MCL Filming Commercial, GTA In Real Life

What’s The Haps for November 6th?

Ryan Lochte tears something and he probably didn’t even realize it, Richard Sherman “takes over” as NFL commissioner,  Under Armour issues statement about those bloody jerseys, and Grand Theft Auto in real life happened.

The Links –

Ryan Lochte Tore MCL Starring in Real Life Axe Commercial

Whoa, dude. I think I tore my Mickel.

Imagine Richard Sherman taking over Roger Goodell’s job as NFL commissioner. What would the Seattle Seahawks cornerback’s reign look like?

He lost Goodell as soon as he mentioned giving up power.

Florida Offensive Lineman Tyler Moore Broke His Arm In A Scooter Accident

I bet his scooter false started.

Under Armour: Those Bloody Flag Jerseys Are Not Bloody Flag Jerseys

Sure looks like blood to me.

James Dolan doesn’t want Knicks City Dancers to dance

Boo this man.

The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

GTA in real life

This Is One Of The Worst Blown Calls You’ll Ever See In A Football Game

Your Random ’90s Joint –

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