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The Haps – 9/24: A Falling Pizza Causes Detroit Lions Receiver To Break Arm, Miley Cyrus Creates Michael Jordan Tribute Video

What’s The Haps for September 24th?

The NBA pulls an XFL-inspired stunt, a pizza helps Nate Burleson break his arm, Dumb & Dumber is officially back, Miley twerks in honor of MJ, and more.

The Links –

NBA considers nicknames on Heat, Nets jerseys


A falling pizza causes Detroit Lions receiver Nate Burleson to break his arm in single-car accident

I smell a fantasy football name here…

Here’s A Dude Shooting An Elephant In The Face On NBC Sports Network

This is cool for TV why?

5 Facts You Need To Know About “Dumb & Dumber 2″

For some reason, I think this will live up to the hype. Yes, I’m saying there’s a chance.

Lane Kiffin Responded to Penn State News In True “Lane Kiffin” Fashion

Kiffin gonna Kiffin.

The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

Jay Cutler’s High School Highlight Tape Reveals Dunking Abilities, Shows Dominance on Football Field

Miley Cyrus ’23’ Video Is an NSFW Michael Jordan Tribute

The ’90s Joint –

The Low End Theory came out 22 years ago today. Was there any question what I was going to feature today? I’m on point Tip…

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