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The Haps – 9/12: Peyton Manning Is Now A Marijuana Product, Google Glass Baseball App Looks Awesome

What’s The Haps for September 12th?

Greg Schiano is sort of sabotaging his own QB, Chappelle tells hilarious Kanye story, a fantasy league kills it with their WWE-themed costumes, you can now smoke Peyton Manning, and a Google Glass baseball app blows minds.

The Links –

Players reportedly believe Greg Schiano rigged the vote to take away Josh Freeman’s captaincy.

I think the writing is on the wall, kid.

Dave Chappelle Tells Hilarious Story About Hanging Out with Kanye West

“Cause my life is dope, and I do dope shit.”

Best Throwback Uniforms in College Football

These are so subjective, but I enjoy ’em.

WWF-Themed Fantasy Football Draft Features Impressive Costumes

Why can’t my friends be this awesome?


“I’mma smoke that Manning,” has a certain ring to it. Only one though. Get it? Chaddup.

The Clip –

Google Glass baseball app looks awesome

The ’90s Joint –

As a half-Hispanic male, I don’t get to cheer on too many professional ball players that are brown unless they play baseball and soccer. Today, another one bites the dust as Mark Sanchez looks to be out for the season. I actually hate the Jets and didn’t like Sanchize at USC, but this news gives me an excuse to highlight one of my favorite brown rappers from the 90’s. Talk about reeeeaaaaching.

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