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The Haps – 9/3: All 32 NFL QB’s as Their Team Name, Kate Upton Named 2013 Model of the Year

What’s The Haps for September 3rd?

All you need to know is the QB photoshops article is epic and that there’s a  Kate Upton “GIF Party” involved in today’s edition of The Haps. Dig it.

The Links –


How do you photoshop Tebow into an unemployment line?

Nebraska Fans Are Making Absurd Darth Vader Cornhuskers Helmets

I know Vader had trouble defending his Death Star and all, but his defense was better than the Blackshirts. HEYO!

Local sportscaster drops 31 wrestlers’ names in highlights

I should start doing this during the presentations I give at my day job.

Michael Wilbon Wore a Wilbon Jersey to Last Night’s Northwestern-California Game 

Other than Darnell Autry and Patty Fitz, he might be the most famous alum according to sports fans.

Kate Upton Is The 2013 Model Of The Year So Here’s A Kate Upton GIF Party


Andre Drummond Dating Jennette McCurdy From Nickelodeon’s iCarly Thanks to Magic of Twitter

So how do they…you know?

The Clip –

Chase Utley Responded To Mac’s Letter From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

The ’90s Joint –

I should make it a rule to include one ATCQ track a week.

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