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The Haps – 10/31: New Orleans Pelicans Mascot Is Terrifying, Erin Andrews And Bud Selig Fight Over Mic

What’s The Haps for October 31st?

The Jaguars get beat on and off the field, the Pelicans’ mascot is ridiculously ugly, someone puts together a real-time map of life and death, and Erin Andrews and Bud Selig can’t let go of the mic.

The Links –

Jaguars Beat Down Twice in London

When it rains, it pours…or you get beat up.

The New Orleans Pelicans mascot is truly terrifying 

Why does this bird look like he’s been rolling around in some sort of ooze?

Erin Andrews and Bud Selig have epic fight over microphone

Just let go of the mic, Erin. You’ll live, I swear.

A Real-Time Map of Births and Deaths

Scary stuff.

Former NFL player calls out the NFL and Roger Goodell in a long, passionate expletive-laden Twitter rant.

Tell us how you really feel…

The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

This Lady’s Pop-A-Shot Mastery Will Blow Your Mind

Thomas Edison Recorded This Video Of Two Cats Boxing In 1894 (remixed w/ Pitbull)

LBJ gets dunkfaced by Evan Turner

lebron dunked on by turner

Your Halloween Joint –

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