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The Haps – 8/28: Official NBA 2K14 Trailer Is Released, Woman Kills Baby In Between Watching SummerSlam (!)

What’s The Haps for August 28th?

The new NBA 2K trailer is out, a women kills a baby to watch wrestling, Hope Solo gets a tattoo above her breast, Mike Miller Zumbas, and more.

The Links –

Woman kills baby in between watching SummerSlam

And we think Triple H buries people….too soon?

This GIF of Legia Warsaw fans is the most insane thing you’ll see today

Hell,fire and brimstone. This is cool.

This Is Perhaps The Most Moronic Argument In Sports Radio History

Living in Denver for six years, I knew Vic was a douche.

Hope Solo has a chest tattoo above her left breast

This is news why? Oh well. #SoloDolo

The Clip –

NBA 2K14 Official Trailer

Watch Mike Miller Zumba in a chair

Fantasy Football Stuff (It’s Fantasy Football Month on NCB) –

Guy does his fantasy football draft inside a movie theater

Like a boss.

The ’90s Joint –

Whatever happened to Rampage?

[“The Haps” is a quick, casual and somewhat daily rundown of what interests Derek that particular day. His thoughts are his only and do not represent the NCB crew’s opinions as a whole, nor are they that interesting. Derek also has a weird obsession with 90’s Rap/R&B and insists on forcing his views on the time period on all those that will listen. Please help this feature become more coherent and entertaining by submitting your interesting links, videos, thoughts etc. to]

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