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The Haps – May 1: The Best Of The Jameis Winston Crab Memes, Dumb & Dumber Cut Into A Drama

What’s The Haps for May 1st?

The Donald Sterling story gets weirder, Jameis has (had) crabs, Raptors roll with Drake, Dumb & Dumber gets a makeover, and more.

The Links –

Donald Sterling’s wife used to party w/his side piece

These people are weirdos…

Who made the best and worst use of their NFL draft picks from 2009-2013?

Not too many surprises.

Big Mac Taco

This looks sloppy as hell.

Here Is Your List Of The Internet’s Best Jameis Winston Crab Memes

That’s a skrong list.

Raptors give away Drake lint rollers to fans at Game 5

Started as a joke, now we here…

The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

Raptors fan hilariously rejected by girl on kiss attempt

fan kiss









Dumb and Dumber cut up into a drama

The Random ’90s Joint –

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