The Haps ft. Conor McGregor, Rita Repulsa & Haley Jade


What’s The Haps for April 20th?
Conor McGregor retires? Dana boots him from the UFC 200 main event, Rita Not So Repulsa and more!
The Links

Did Conor McGregor just retire from the UFC? (Stashed)

Now that Conor McGregor is out of UFC 200 here are three fights that could take his place. (BSO)

Lord Zedd better watch out because Rita Repulsa is wear less and going out more.(HitFix)

Celtics are reaching new lows this post season. (Deadspin)

Haley Jade

Haley Jade

The Clips
PATS: Cleaning the streets

HANDS OF STONE – Official US Teaser Trailer

Mark Zuckerberg Reaches Peak Bro During Unearthed 2005 Interview

Throwback Jam
Arrested Development – Tennessee

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