The Haps ft. Bryce Harper, Snoop Dogg & Maryse


What’s The Haps for April 5th?
Bryce Harper is single handley trying to make baseball fun again, Snoop Dogg went into the WWE HOF Saturday and is now going on tour, Steve Smith lays into Greg Hardy and more!

The Links
Bryce Harper continues to be one of the few enjoyable characters in the game of baseball. (The Comeback)

Steve Smith is having non of Greg Hardy’s pitty me bullshit.(Complex)

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa announce dates for their “High Road Summer Tour”(Stashed)

WrestleMania happened this weekend, and here is a recap.(The Sports Daily)

Maryse Ouellet

maryse ouellet

The Clips
Naked & Afraid: Celebrity Edition – SNL

Batman: The Killing Joke – Official Teaser (Exclusive)

Enzo & Cass Debut on Raw

Throwback Jam
Method Man & Redman – Da Rockwilder

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