The Haps – 10/1: Brian Scalabrine’s Media Day Photo Is Epic, Brandon Bass Is Learing How To Swim


What was The Haps for October 1st?

Better late than never right?

Brandon Bass is the oldest guy at the pool, Bernie Kosar is drunj, the Eagles yelled “Papa John’s” at Peyton, and more.

The Links –

Brandon Bass is Learning How to Swim at 28-Years Old

So the stereotype is true? I kid, I kid.

Brian Scalabrine’s Golden State Warriors Media Day Photo Is The Best Thing Ever


Bernie Kosar at DUI stop gave cops credit cards as his ID

Is this the new “Bernie”?


Better players, better team. The Broncos.

Tennessee Students Troll Lane Kiffin, Paint “Karma Is A Butch” On The Rock

I feel Kiffin deserves every bit of ribbing he gets.

The Clip –

Fantasy Football Is REALLY Legit Now…Matthew Berry Will Be On 60 Minutes

Your Random ’90s Joint –

When I read about that Scalabrine story I was reminded of this video. No idea why.

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