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The Haps – 6/26: World Cup Flop Rankings, 15 Terrible Pro Wrestling Costumes

What’s The Haps for June 26th?

World Cup flops are ranked, Lincecum YES! chants in the locker room, a team wears terrible Christmas jerseys, and more.

The Links –

World Cup flop rankings

We need this for the NBA.

Lincecum celebrates WWE-style in locker room

Cool, but it was one of the tamest YES! chants I’ve ever seen.

Get out of work with this letter from Jurgen Klinsmann

*prints letter off*

15 of the worst pro wrestling gimmick costumes


Team wore these ugly Christmas jerseys last night


The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Pokes Fun at Even More World Cup Fans in New York City

Brewers fan makes diving catch on dugout

The Random ’90s Joint –

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