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The Haps – 2/11: Remembering The Tyson/Douglas Fight, Virginia Cavaliers Fan Shows Off Her Epic Dance Moves

What’s The Haps for February 11th?

The NBA provides a platform to all the snazzy dressers in the league, Coach Calipari gets photobombed, ESPN plans to honor Dean Smith, and more.

The Links –

20 Team Names for an NHL Franchise in Las Vegas

“Bighorns” and “Jacks” are decent options.

NBA plans to hold “All-Star” fashion show

I don’t know if I hate this or love this.

ESPN To Show Marathon Of Dean Smith Programming Starting Wednesday Night

Cool idea.

The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

I felt both dumber and smarter after reading this. I highly recommend this link.

Mike Tyson, Buster Douglas and the Fall of the American Heavyweight Champ

I was only six when this happened, but I still have faint memories of my dad freaking out about this event.

The Clips (NOT Clipse) –

Coach Cal gets photobombed

Virginia Cavalier fan loses her mind in epic dance-off


The Random ’90s Joint –

This was released in 1989, but it fits for today…

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