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Halfway to Hell – Dreaded NBA Finals Looming?

On the same day the WNBA NBA (allegedly) Charlotte Bobcats picked up yet another loss – The soon to be Unibrow-led Zombie Hornets say what’s up? – the NBA fan universe might have taken  another step towards an “L” themselves. 

The Miami Heat outlasted the Boston Celtics tonight in a classic game in which Rajon Rondo adjusted his shooting slider to 99 and the Heat role players bailed out D-Wade and LBJ most of the night. With the win, both the Heat and Spurs are up 2-0 on their Conference Final Series.


If you have watched the NBA with any type of regularity over the last decade or have caught any SportCenters over the last 2 years you’ve heard the gripes: The Spurs are boring and the Heat are douches.

I think the Spurs gripe may have been warranted a few years back but now days they are more “scoring” than “boring”. If you watched the end of the 2nd/beginning of the 3rd quarter of Game 2 of the WCF and still think they are boring then you don’t know basketball. It was more “surgical” than anything else.  Now if you can’t stand how boring their main star is (Duncun) and how Euro their roster is (Parker, Manu, Tiago, Diaw, etc.) I won’t argue with you there.

As for the Heat being “Douchey”? Hard to argue that with evidence like this. You can’t deny the talents of Lebron and D-Wade but when they flop at Vlade Divac like levels and ooze arrogance they are definitely hard to like, especially when you are an NBA purist. They are almost like a punk-kid version of Apollo Creed.  No doubt they have their fair share of fans but I’m going to go out on a limb and say they have a bunch of “haters” as well.

Unless something miraculous happens we all better brace ourselves for the mechanical Spurs vs. the showboat Heat. Sigh.

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