A Letter From NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to His New BFF, Sean Spicer

Earlier this week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer inadvertently tweeted out something to his 1.4 million Twitter followers that looked a lot like a password to his account.

And, while it was later debunked as not likely being the password to that account, I did do a little sleuthing around and use it to log into his Gmail account.  What I found, may not be what you expect.  It was a letter from Roger Goodell, looking for a little help spinning the viewership/attendance numbers for the brazenly pointless NFL Pro Bowl.  Here is the email.

Spicer, who was likely swayed by the pitch, (*Author’s note: and the fact that his administration will likely end up in a smoldering pile of rubble in a few more months) has already put in some PR work.

Stay woke NFL fans.


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