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Girl Runs Onto The Field During Texas-UC Irvine College World Series Game

Continuing one of the most beloved traditions of the College World Series, a girl named Abby (sp?) took the field without much persuasion during the Texas-UC Irvine game Wednesday night.

She did it for the Vine for sure…

UPDATE: Looks like Abby was identified as Abby Goetz from Omaha. You can follow her on Twitter here.

abby goetz

Update #2 (11:15 AM CST): Unfortunately the Vine was taken down. We’ll keep you guys up to date, but we’re assuming she’s trying to lay low for her court date that’s apparently set for July 23rd. We’ll always have these images at least…

abby cws streaker

abby cws streaker 2

Update #3 (3:30 PM CST): We found a video of the Vine, so we added it to this post.


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