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Former Husker Adam Carriker Trolls Giants, Eagles and Cowboys Fans

Someone associated with the Huskers FINALLY has reason to talk smack. It’s been a rough few days for Huskers everywhere after this and this, but former Nebraska stand-out, current Washington Redskins defensive lineman, and pro-wrestling junkie Adam Carriker had reason to thump his chest after Washington defeated the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday to clinch a spot in the playoffs and the NFC East title. He was so proud of the fact he even took to Twitter to lay the smack down on the NFC East:

carriker trolls nfc east

It’s actually kind of sad that a FORMER Husker that hasn’t even played most of the year probably had the best week in the Huskerverse but we’ll take what we can get now I guess. *Prays Darin Erstad is legit*


(photo via the Washington Post)

(photo via the Washington Post)

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