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Florida legend Aaron Hernandez gets July in the 2014 UF Calendar…wait, what?!

A calendar that contains pictures of the Florida football team features Aaron Hernandez as the month of July feature.  Yes, this Aaron Hernandez.


Kind of funny that nobody noticed and this isn’t a story until July 1st actually rolled around, but who am I to judge?  Reports are showing that this isn’t a photoshop job or any kind of joke calendar that some bro put out.  Although, I did see an update that says it is NOT from the University of Florida’s marketing department.


But, regardless, somebody that makes calendars consciously made the decision to put him in what appears to be a Florida football calendar.  It could have been approved before all this stuff went down, but it’s pretty damn unfortunate.  I mean – don’t get me wrong – the guy was a stud tight end both at the college and pro levels.  But even my mom, who knows nothing about UF football, knows that “that Hernandez guy” allegedly killed a handful of people and she wouldn’t put him in a calendar.  Yowza…

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