Fear The Walking Dead, Episode 4: Enter Cliffhanger

The Walking Dead is the best at cliffhangers. We have seen them in just about every episode, some bigger than others. I’ve been waiting for an episode of Fear The Walking Dead to end on a cliffhanger, and we finally got one as the story unfolds.

At the same time, the story has taken an unusual turn, perhaps one we weren’t expecting. We were under the preconceived notion that Fear The Walking Dead would help us discover how the zombie apocalypse started.

Instead, the main characters, and their neighbors, find themselves in a quarantined zone organized by the army. But the community does not appear to be happy with the Army’s lack of effort in finding medicine.

Within the gated community, we have a myriad of storylines.

Burning questions

What is the Army really going to do with Nicholas and Griselda? Daniel is not optimistic about the Army’s intentions.

What is going on with Hector? Cynthia panicked to Maddie and Travis after his absence. The Army found him, but decided to never inform Cynthia, as learned by Travis.

Why were there bodies on the road, spotted by Maddie? She even saw the Army come by that road.

What is the light that Chris saw and made a big deal out of? Travis noticed the same light at the end of the episode.

One thing I am still curious about is Tobias and his whereabouts. If we learned anything in five seasons of The Walking Dead, the apocalyptic world is a small world. We’ve seen a couple of characters come back. Perhaps we haven’t seen the end of Tobias. He prepared himself by taking a knife to school, and even ran into Maddie at school when both of them went back to scavenge supplies. With two episodes left, he may return, or possibly appear next season.

Either way, a lot is happening at once in this Woodbury/Alexandria-like community that the characters live in.

Possible upcoming deaths

We have yet to witness the death of a main character, and the show has thrown plenty of foreshadowing at viewers.

Liza approached Maddie and said that if anything happens to her, she told Maddie to look after Chris. When Travis arrived late with his Chris, Liza and Daniel’s family, Maddie said she was worried that she lost him. Travis told her that she will never lose him. In this episode, Daniel told Maddie that he intends on being with Griselda and if he does not return, he wants Maddie to look after Ofelia.

Maddie is being asked to look after everyone’s kid and Travis tells her he won’t ever go. It’s The Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead. With two episodes left, we are bound for a crazy ending to the first season with possibly multiple losses of loved ones.

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