Fear The Walking Dead Episode 3: Are we about to learn something big?

WARNING: This post contains spoilers from Seasons 1, 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead had an intriguing ending this past week, and I think it is about to answer a question I have always had ever since I started watching The Walking Dead. What happened to the military?

We saw the Army show up to Maddie’s home and neighborhood at the end of the episode. We saw the Army do out on the road to try and stop the epidemic. So what happened from that point and all the way to when Rick woke up from his coma?

In the first episode of The Walking Dead, when Rick woke up and left the hospital, he came across an abandoned military helicopter. At the end of the episode, Rick hides inside a military tank to get away from all of the Walkers, in which a military man had already turned and was inside the tank when he died.

Later in the first season, Shane thought there was an Army base in Fort Benning, believing it to be safe, but was 125 miles away.

In Season 3, The Governor and his crew follow a military helicopter that crashed at a forest. With Andrea and Michonne watching, The Governor and his men killed all of the military members, preventing them from turning.

Later that season, we see The Governor come across a lone and injured Lieutenant. Without knowing what The Governor would do, the Lieutenant told The Governor where the rest of his crew his. The Governor and members of Woodbury surprise the Army National Guardsmen with a sneak attack.

In the first episode of Season 4, when some of the main characters went to grab supplies at a supermarket, the camera pans above the store. The shot shows a destroyed helicopter with several Walkers surrounding it.

Rewind (chronologically in the story of The Walking Dead’s apocalypse) to Fear The Walking Dead. The Army, suddenly, shows up. Maddie’s neighbor, Susan, had turned. Susan’s husband, Patrick, drives home while Maddie and her family (and Travis’ son and ex-wife) leave their home to find a safe point. But when Maddie sees Patrick drive and turn into the street of their neighborhood, she turns around to save him. As Patrick hugged Susan, the Army shot a zombified Susan before she could bite Patrick.

The Army is seen scouting the neighborhood, checking to see if anyone else is infected.

We hear the main characters of The Walking Dead refer to the military, hoping they would come to the rescue. We have also seen some abandoned helicopters and bases as military men lost their lives or have already turned.

We know this much: the Army made its rounds to try and to save and secure the area, as seen in this episode of Fear The Walking Dead. We also know, at some point, they failed and the apocalypse was too much for the military to handle.

So what went wrong for the military? What was the plan and how did it get rundown by the growing population of Walkers?

Fear The Walking Dead might answer that and fill that gap as we conclude the last three episodes before we see the original series return.

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