Fantasy Football Team Names 2015

Boy!  What a boring and uneventful offseason.  I mean what does one do with oneself when there is absolutely nothing going on in the NFL.   Hmm…makes you wonder.

Reckon we’ll just come up with a list of ridiculous team names for your fantasy football season.  Enjoy!


Watch AP Whip That Nae-Nae

And Call Me A.B.

Old Dirty Beckham

Gennie and the Jets



Cruz’n Down the Street in my 6-4


You Can Get with Dez or You Can Get with That

Always…Mr. Nice Guy

Go Martellus On the Mountain

Andale Andale Mami Eli Eli

Bryce Petty Wap

I’m Like…Hey, What’s up, Helu



Suh Tang Clan


Le’Veon A Prayer

Ya Down With ODB?


Cobby and Lacy

Edward Forte-hands

LeSean’s Free Dick Giveaway



Return of the Jord-i


Kindergarten Cobb

The Stafford Wives

Stewart Smiley

Johnathan Stewie


Alshon Geoffrey

Alshon Geoffrey 


New Jax City

I’ve Got a Golden Tate-ket

Cowboys & Ellingtons

Roddy White Piper

Keenan Allen Wayans


Maid Arian

Maid Arian


Corey HAIMeis

Bradying to Exhale

Chip and Fail: MIscue Rangers

Searching for Bobby Griffin

Kelvin and Cobbs

The Walking Dez

Cooper Troopers


the worlds skrongest man

World’s Skrongest Man


Forte Ounce of Schlitz

Julio’s Mexican Food and Pizza

Bryant & Bryant at Law


Manziel Law Office

Jonathan Paul Manziel, Esquire


Madden 16 characters: Blade Johnson, Janet, Lil Pepper (Rex Ryan), Al Pacino From Scent of a Woman

(Kaepernick), Half-Top (Gronk), Sticky Bun (AB), Trick Montalban (Julio) 


TY Jelly

SMITHsonian Institute of Trash Talk


A.P.’s Montessori

Get Gronk Wit It


Keep Calm and Le’Veon

The More, Demaryius

Don Juan DeMarco

LeSean’s Pussy Palace


Olivia-Munn (3)

Olivia Munn, tho.


Don’t Forsett

Jason Pierre-Palm

I Like My Steak Yel-done

Julius RUNdle

LSUseful / LSYouth 

Abdullah Oblongata

Fear Ameer

He who Deflate-gates, Masturbates

Deflated Balls

Mark-ass Mariota


brees nutz (1)

Breez Nuts


That’s a Clowney Ass Question, Bro

Tom Brady’s Court Sketch

TYRANNasaurus Rex

GENOcide Watch/Hotline

The Tebow-la Virus

No Lucks Given

Bill Cosby’s Sleepers

ODBs Tinder Matches

Gronk’s Virginity



Gronkey Kong


Golden Tate Bridge

Wilfork on the First Date

Hope you enjoy your football season and good luck in Fantasyland!

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