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Please Don’t Tell Me What To Think: Expected Reactions Vs. Genuine Reactions

Tom Rinaldi is talented at what he does and the brave individuals he features are inspiring, but I still change the channel whenever I see Rinaldi on my TV screen.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Derek Jeter is the CLASSIEST PERSON TO EVER PERSON and I should RE2PECT him as if Aretha Franklin herself was singing in my face, but I didn’t get chills when he hit DAT WALK-OFF during his final game at Yankee Stadium or when his nephew tipped his cap after the hit.

Women deserve to have their opinions brought to the forefront in such matters of domestic violence and discrimination, but I’m not going to blindly give out kudos to any female sports reporter because the echo chamber that is Twitter says I’m supposed to. Believe me, fellas. She’s not going to go out on a date with you because you retweet her every #HOTSPORTSTAKE or blindly defend her against those that dare to disagree with her.

I didn’t like Hoosiers and I didn’t tear up when I first saw Rudy Ruettiger finally get on the field…alright, I lied. Rudy got me. I’m not some emotionless robot, guys.

Maybe it’s all the clickbait headlines we’ve been inundated with that straight up tell us how we’re supposed to feel (sup, UpWorthy), or the Twitter mob mentality that forces the sport media’s hand in dealing with certain hot-button issues, but for some reason sports fans are obsessed with how people react to breaking news. Sometimes people are more outraged by how athletes, fans, and media members react to certain issues than the actual issue itself. i.e. Vitriol towards Roger Goodell >>> Vitriol towards Ray Rice

We need to remember that there’s a way you’re EXPECTED to react and the way you ACTUALLY feel about certain issues. The beauty of social media is that we get to hear a vast array of opinions on a topic in an instant. We’re no longer limited to taking in the thoughts and opinions of those in our water cooler circle or immediate posse of friends. Embrace the access to different perspectives and don’t automatically give up your stance because it’s unpopular or uncommon.

Just because I’m not expressing my outrage about domestic violence as vividly as Captain-Social-Activist-But-Only-On-Social-Media-Guy, doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s an important issue and steps need to be taken to curb the incidents that occur involving both athletes and us normal folk. Just because I think believing a man-on-woman crime is worse than any other type of domestic violence or family dispute leads to a slippery slope and a game of “Whose life do we value more?” doesn’t mean I don’t think a jacked up NFL player beating up a tiny woman is despicable.

Additionally, your favorite team’s Mood Police are so hell-bent on keeping things all sunshine and rainbows that they label anybody that offers even an ounce of critique as a “hater” and assume you live a terrible life filled with negativity. Do you know what country forces its citizens to drink copious amounts of Kool-Aid at all given times? That’ll be North Korea. You know that song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”? Read the lyrics and let me know if blocking out all negativity will work out for you. There’s a difference between being negative for the sake of being negative and actually being pragmatic.

Folks, we’re ALL wired differently. Let’s not digitally lynch someone because they’re not as excited or outraged as most people. According to Appraisal Theory “…emotions are extracted from our evaluations (appraisals or estimates) of events that cause specific reactions in different people.” Basically, our assessment of an issue or situation will affect our response to said issue or situation. We all assess things differently so we’re all going to react differently.

tl;dr and in conclusion, different isn’t bad, we all react differently to different situations, and Tom Rinaldi is the Buzz Kilington of sports journalism.

I’m out!


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1 Comment

  1. taylor

    September 26, 2014 at 10:43 am

    well done, derek.

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