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The L.A. Temptation are getting ready to face the Seattle Mist in the Western Conference Championship match, which will be on Fuse this Saturday night at 9/8c as part of LFL Football Night. Temptation defensive end Kimm Chase joined us to chat about the conference championship game, the team’s season, her football life and the LFL as a whole.


Farzin Vousoughian: What’s the intensity like for conference championship week?

Kimm Chase: It’s a pretty intense week because we finally have the return of our quarterback, Ashley Salerno. It’s the first time we’ve had a full roster in a long time. It’s intense, but we’re all more hyped and excited for this moment just to know we are all together and healthy.


FV: What’s been the biggest highlight for your team this season?

KC: I would say making it to this point. We’ve struggled so much this year with our depth chart and switching out some players. Being able to come back to the conference championship with a healthy roster has been pretty exciting.


FV: In the LFL, some players play on offense and defense. How challenging is it to play two key facets of the game?

KC: It’s really a double-edged sword. There are some players on our team and others teams who play and see every single snap in a game. It can be tough sometimes to make the transition from defense to offense during a change of possession. You have to quickly change your mindset. Once you get over that obstacle, it’s more fun because you can be more active on the field and see every play, which keeps your intensity high.


FV: What made you want to play football?

KC: I have played in a few flag football rec leagues. When I heard about the LFL, I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity. I tried to do whatever I could to get into it.


FV: What reactions do you get when you tell people that you play tackle football in an organized league that is broadcast on TV?

KC: It’s honestly my favorite. They usually think European soccer and ask ‘are you European?’ When they ask what position I play, sometimes I mess with them and tell them I play defense and keep it broad. It’s also fun because when people know what it is and what it is about, they have a lot of respect. It is fun to be part of a new movement.


FV: Guys love to trash talk while playing football. Is trash talk common in the LFL?

KC: Of course. Honestly, it gets intense before games sometimes. On the field, it’s cut-throat. But we definitely respect each other. It’s kind of a fun dynamic we’ve built in the league.


FV: You have a very athletic background with track, soccer and MMA. How has that helped you to succeed as a football player?

KC: With my competitive background, it helped me have the drive. But my job working in sports performance has had the biggest impact in paying football because I am constantly around NFL athletes and trainers at the highest level that most girls don’t get to be around. That has really helped me develop my skills.


FV: In the NFL or college football, we sometimes see wives, kids and family members get emotional if their loved one gets lit up and suffers an injury. What’s it like for your family, knowing a woman in their life is playing football and may incur some hard hits at times?

KC: The funny thing is, most people say we hit harder than the boys, so that is an interesting dynamic as well. My dad is always super stoked. He’s all about the big hits and loves the game. But my mom tends to freak out a bit when she sees me out there when I get caught up in a big hit.


FV: What do you think is the public perception of the LFL and how can it grow?

KC: I think it is awareness of the league and what we actually are. We have a lot of people who don’t understand what it’s about from the outside. But when someone comes to a game or watches us on TV, the whole perception changes and they see we hit hard. The exposure in the 40 minutes on the field, I think that is the best thing and people can get to know what we are.


Twitter: @KCHS3

Facebook: Kim Chase LFL


Farzin Vousoughian covers sports and entertainment on No Coast Bias. You can follow him on Twitter@Farzin21.

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