The Most Exciting Players To Watch In The NFL

It’s just about time for NFL football once again. With countless star players in their primes and no clear cut Super Bowl favorite, it’s looking like it’s going to be a dramatic and thrilling season. So with 17 weeks of great action ahead, we put together a list of 10 players who might be even more exciting to watch than the rest.

Cam Newton

After carrying the Carolina Panthers to an outstanding season that culminated in a Super Bowl appearance, QB Cam Newton was named the 2015 MVP. This year, he was ranked by his peers as the best player in football. That ought to be enough, but it helps that he puts a particularly creative and physical twist on his position.

Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott is the top of the rookie class, and he’ll get a chance to dominate as the Cowboys’ RB. All eyes will be on Elliott when he takes the field and there’s every indication is that he’ll be able to deliver.

Todd Gurley

Let’s just say Gurley was the Elliott of 2015. After missing some time early on in the season recovering from a college injury, he more than delivered. He’s likely to be a top-five RB at just 22 years of age as he leads the Rams into Los Angeles.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Entering last season, OBJ found himself heading up betting lists for most receiving yards and most touchdowns. There’s no reason to think he won’t factor into both categories again in 2016. The Giants’ dynamic, uber-athletic wideout makes plays no one else in the NFL can, and makes them consistently.

Rob Gronkowski

When healthy, the Patriots tight end still looks like something of a superhero (the Hulk, perhaps?) barreling through a pack of mere mortals en route to the end zone. Gronk is far and away the most exciting player at his position.

Ben Roethlisberger

It’s time Big Ben gets his due. He may not be the most graceful QB, but watching him play through pain and take hits is a little bit like watching Gronk run with the ball.

Josh Norman

The ex-Panthers CB, now with the Redskins, has become the NFL’s top trash talker. But until Norman stops backing it up, that only makes him more exciting to watch.

Von Miller

Probably the NFL’s best defensive player in 2015, Von Miller is supposedly in the best shape of his life and he’s now the face of the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos. The guy is a human wrecking ball.

Antonio Brown

He doesn’t catch the ball with quite the amount of drama Odell Beckham Jr. does, but Brown may be the most dominant receiver in the league. It’s sensational to watch just how easy he makes the job look.

Devonta Freeman

Finally there’s Devonta Freeman, who turned in one of the best stretches ever for an RB a season ago. Most expect a regression, but he’ll be captivating early on, particularly if he lives up to the impossible standard he set.

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