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The Everyman College Football Pick’em – Week 8

college football

Last week, the college football gods grabbed some Head and Shoulders, shook out the dandruff and was left with flowing locks made from the finest strands that only Mississippi could provide.

The TCU Horned Frogs obviously didn’t want to win, because why would you step on an opponent’s throat when ahead by three scores? Now the Baylor Bears – yes, Baylor –  is the No. 4 team in the country. The best part is we’re only halfway through the season and more chaos is coming.

What orders will be given from on high (possibly while high) this week? I’ve got another Fab Five this week proving that you don’t need anything fancy from Vegas. Go real. Go Everyman.

(Selections bolded)

– No. 5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. No. 2 Florida State Seminoles: I’ll give Jameis Winston/Florida State this: they know when to shut up. Winston’s a walking NCAA violation, but he’ll still play this weekend. Todd Gurley can’t say that.

As a reward for keeping their collective mouths closed, the Seminoles keep their Heisman-caliber quarterback who can Manziel his team to a win.

college football

Bad news for a team that barely squeaked by the Stanford Cardinal and gave up 43 points to a standard ACC team with two wins (one against an FBS team).

The Irish have coasted on their schedule for too long. They get a loss and their playoff hopes take a major hit.

– No. 21 Texas A&M Aggies vs. No, 7 Alabama Crimson Tide: I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a fun ride, Aggies. I really would. Unfortunately, it’s time to take some SEC lumps thanks to Nick Saban. Don’t feel bad, it happens.

The good news for Aggie fans is that there’s plenty of time for General Dog to command her troops back into the Top 10-15 after this hit. The Tide plunk A&M out of the Top 25, but thanks to Louisiana-Monroe, it’ll be a brief absence.

– No. 14 Kansas State Wildcats vs. No. 11 Oklahoma Sooners: While sloppy as a chili dog from Sonic, the Wildcats did play the Auburn Tigers close. They also ripped the Texas Tech Red Raiders to shreds last week. The Sooners topped Texas in the Red River Shootout and the team chaplain was arrested.

Clearly a sacrifice to appease Barry Switzer.

I know two things from watching Big Eight/12 and Big Ten football: 11:00 a.m. kickoffs level the playing field and never count out Bill Snyder. You may not like the guy, but outside of Pat Fitzgerald, he’s the best coach in college football wearing purple. KSU enters the playoff chatter while the Sooners bow out.

No. 15 Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. No. 12 TCU Horned Frogs: As is tradition in the Everyman College Football Pick’em, I turn one choice over to the harshest of mistresses: math. Let’s see who the Transitive Property of College Football favors this week.

college football

Hey, I’m not here to play favorites with this one. The computer does that. Yell at it. The Cowboys can technically win the argument, too. However, it takes eight jumps to make their case when it comes to the most direct path.

Prove the system wrong, OSU. It dares you.

No. 19 Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. Northwestern Wildcats: Yeah, Northwestern’s not ranked. However, not only has the entire Battle for NU series been decided by only seven total points in Big Ten play, any loss at this point is a bullet to the knee that is Nebraska’s season.

During the preseason, this looked like it’d be one of the best games on Nebraska’s docket. Then Venric Mark decided to leave. With no Kain Colter, Trevor Siemian’s left out to dry.

Does Nebraska win? I think so. They should anyway. However, the game’s in Evanston, Northwestern’s going Gothic and, well, the Wildcats may be due for their heart-breaking win.

Then again, Ameer Abdullah exists, so there you go.

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