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Everett Golson Transfer Watch! Golson’s List of Pros and Cons for Florida & Florida State

Former Notre Dame QB, Everett Golson, is looking to take his talents to another school.  Golson is looking to transfer for his final year of eligibility and, since he has graduated, he will not have to sit out a year.

Where is Golson looking to go?  There are lists everywhere that have him linked to programs from coast to coast, but news has recently surfaced of Golson taking trips to visit both Florida and Florida state.  Where will he end up?  Seemingly somewhere warmer than South Bend, IN and seemingly somewhere he can start.  While either FSU or the U of F fit the mold, it appears Golson is having trouble deciding where to go.

So, what do a lot of young people making a big decision in their life use?  A simple “Pros & Cons” table to sort through the benefits and the detractions of whichever agonizing options they are facing.  Golson is no different.  Pictured below are his attempts to sort out the Pros and Cons of going to either FSU or Florida.



What did I miss? It’s Everett Golson transfer mania, people!  Where’s he going? Where should he go?  Chime in. . .


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