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ESPN’s SportsCenter is Terrible

If you were to ask me five years ago what my favorite sports network and show is, I would’ve said ESPN and SportsCenter in a heartbeat. I would get up in the morning and watch it for hours upon hours listening to some of the same highlights (sometimes given by different people) and wouldn’t get bored with it. But now in today’s age of SportsCenter, I can sometimes barely get through a single hour of the show. There are multiple reasons why this prestigious show has become even worse over the past several years.

First of all, and probably most importantly, the content that they choose to air during the show has strayed far away from what they did in the past. Years ago almost the whole hour was filled with highlights from games the night or week before. Even the teams at the bottom of the standings would get a quick showing regardless of who they were playing. Nowadays, 90 percent of the show is compromised of analysis of future games and off-field crap that nobody cares about. ESPN needs to save that sort of analysis for shows like NFL Live and Baseball Tonight and not fill SportsCenter with the kind of stuff that’s going to be repeated later in these shows anyway. Show me the highlights and who won, and don’t spend three days talking about the same scandals and analyses of games that are four months away.

In addition to this, the anchors for SportsCenter have become a little lackluster. My favorite duo on SportsCenter is easily Neil Everett and Stan Verrett. They’ve got great chemistry together and can so easily play off of each others’ commentary – this is certainly something I don’t see with some of today’s anchors. Some of the reasoning behind this is that so much of what they do has to do with interviews and analysis by different sports’ “experts” so they don’t even have a chance to create that sort of chemistry.

Last but not least, SportsCenter has given their ever-popular Top 10 a back seat so many times that I hardly ever see it anymore. It’s because of these analyses and predictions that take way too long and they’ll run over the time that they’re supposed to have so they naturally have to cut something and, unfortunately, it seems to be that the Top 10 is cut more often than not. Tell these “analysts” to shut up when they’re supposed to and give me my Top 10, dammit!

I’ll still watch SportsCenter because they can share some valuable information and have some cool interviews, but it is certainly much worse than it was when I used to watch all the time. Give me the old time SportsCenter where people like Stuart Scott (rest in peace) and Scott Van Pelt were using their crazy catch phrases and silly anecdotes. I want the Top 10, crazy anchors, and some highlights!



  1. Trey

    January 21, 2017 at 8:02 am

    It’s worse now

  2. Christopher Drew

    May 24, 2018 at 10:13 am

    The current morning crew with exception of Jalen Rose has 0 chemistry. too much opinions not enough substance . Shame , how long are you going to allow these three to continue on? The crew before was infinitely better. due to how bad this does. neil and Stan are the way to go man. Duh

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