Eighty-Sixed is The Best Show You’re Not Watching

The best show that you’re probably not watching comes from the loins of television legend Larry David. David’s daughter Cazzie & director Elisa Kalan have created a four episode masterpiece that will have you wanting more.

The web series titled Eighty-Sixed is comprised of four episodes lasting no more than eight minutes each & just over 25 minutes total. During which David’s character Remi is joined by her two self-obsessed friends as she explores the complexity of breakups in the social media age.

When Remi starts to complain about city pants you’ll notice her father’s influence, but as they take on how our lives are often too connected to how people view us via social media you’ll realize this isn’t her father’s show.

The show wraps up abruptly, but as Bobby Womack said “Leave them wanting more and you know they’ll call you back.” So here’s hoping that Cazzie and Elisa give us more in the near future.

Watch all four episodes at 86edwebseries.com

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