Ed Sheeran “Greatest Ginger of All Time”

Despite the title of this piece being Ed Sheeran Greatest Ginger of All Time, when I pose the question “who’s the greatest ginger of all time” I expect your answer to be Ed Sheeran, if not you’re wrong. I’m going to get plenty of feedback from the Chuck Norris crowd, but he isn’t human being just a folk-lore created to keep kids in their place. Also Ron Weasley is a fictional character, which the vast majority of you can’t even name the actor who played him so fall back.

Now if there are two things this broken country can agree on its Tim Tebow needs to star in the remake of Angles in the Outfield and Gingers, as a group, are the most persecuted people to date. Half of that last statement is satirical, with that being said please Tim get the ball rolling on that remake. As a majority we do find ourselves coming together to laugh at gingers. Hell until Bill Burr came around the only red-head comedians out there were clowns who juggled and used props.

But one man from Framlingham has risen from the flaming bush and onto our playlists. I remember when my ex-lover rushed home from a Taylor Swift concert, showing me pictures of an average man wearing all black with the hair of a freshly peeled carrot. I thought this can’t be real, while I’m no John Stamos, I knew I had to have something more appealing than him. My jealously was quickly put to bed by my growing fandom.

Growing up I never wanted to be Chuckie, didn’t find Kathy Griffin funny and honestly does anyone like Shaun White? But Ed Sheeran like Moses parted the Red Sea and walked his way into my heart. I quickly “bought” + and put it into heavy rotation. Still to this day I’ll throw on “Drunk” and recite word for every other word (If you ever get the chance to see me sing along in the car to something it’s a treat. Don’t think I’ve ever gotten a full song down.)

From sleeping on the sofas of strangers to being the first artist to debut two songs in the top 10 simultaneously, Ed Sheeran has earned the prestigious title of being the Greatest Ginger of All Time a feat that very few have held before, most notably and honestly the only other man worthy of the title was Brian Scalabrine.

So hats off to you Ed Sheeran for breaking barriers and proving to the world over that you’ve been prepared with VO5 wax in your ginger hair.

Update: Due to the backlash, here is the Top 15 Greatest Gingers of All-Time Power Ranking.
1. Ed Sheeran
2- Brian Scalabrine
3- Louis C.K
4- Emma Stone
5- Bill Burr
6- Chuck Norris
7- Conan O’Brien
8- Ron Howard
9- Molly Ringwald
10- Andy Dalton
11- Joan Harris
12- Steve The Pirate
13- Jessica Rabbit
14- Miss Frizzle
15- Ron Weasley

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