From Duncan to Harden: NBA Players Won’t Stop Going to Clubs

So James Harden went to the club after getting eliminated from the playoffs. So what. This is nothing new or out of the ordinary. This happens constantly, whether we see it on social media or not. The greatest proof of this? Tim Freaking Duncan and the gosh dang Spurs went to the club after getting bounced in the first round in 2015.

Don’t believe me? There’s proof:

Wait, okay. Let’s back up. If you’re behind, here’s Harden spotted in the club Thursday night in Houston. As you may recall, The Beard scored 10 points on 11 shots with six turnovers that game, where the Rockets lost by 39. For context, that scoring deficit and Manu Ginobli’s age are the same number. In short, it was bad.

So you can imagine that Harden would want to forget about all that for a while.What better way than to hit the clubs with Travis Scott (another Houston hero) and Kylie Jenner (because why not, at this point)? The dude wanted to have some fun. Every criticism and takedown of his awful performance in the game is valid. And his appearance in a club has absolutely nothing to do with that.

You know why I think that? Wait. You know why that’s the truth? Because of one Timothy Theodore Duncan.

I mentioned proof earlier. Well, here you go, the world’s greatest video:

Okay, I was a bit misleading. Because the true star of that video is Aron Baynes, there’s no question. Let’s run through the highlights:

0:02: Patty Mills stumbling out the door, getting propped up by I assume a team video intern who can’t believe his luck tonight

0:17: Boris Diaw slapping Mills on the ass like he’s proud of his performance that night, then being unbelievably polite to the cameraman

0:32: Tony Parker laughing at the cameraman, he’s no stranger to TMZ (do a quick google search on his personal life if you’re unaware) so this doesn’t faze him

0:46: DUNCAN AND BAYNES! This is our focus

Baynes, like his Australian countryman Mills, can barely walk. Duncan when he gets drunk is the guy who will just stand in the corner and survey the room like a farmer overseeing his crops. He can’t turn off the stoicism, even in the face of severe Aron Baynes inebriation. Way to stay on brand. The dude lost his shirt and still gave off the aura of a wise sage while helping Baynes to the bus. Amazing.

More amazingly, Duncan tells Baynes to “shut the f*** up” before he even says anything! You can use your imagination as to what Baynes had been doing up to that point that allowed Duncan to see what was coming just two seconds into the future.

1:05: “You guys played great, man.” “Thanks man! I appreciate it.” “Shut up.”

One of the most beautiful exchanges in history. Baynes is so happy for the compliment. Playing for the Spurs really must be a dream. You’ve never seen someone more content with their life than this man:

But did Duncan and his teammates get chastised for forgetting a playoff elimination through bottle service and loud music and whatever they felt like at the time? Not that I recall. Why is that? Because Duncan had won five championships by then? Or the Spurs’ box score in their elimination game wasn’t the equivalent of the poop emoji? Because we thought it could be part of Gregg Popovich’s grand plan for excellence?

All valid points.

But still. The Spurs were the defending champs. They beat the Miami Heat in five embarrassing games and pushed LeBron James back to Cleveland the year before. And now they bowed out in the first round? It’s a lot easier to explain than whatever Harden just did, but it shouldn’t have happened either. And because of that, they had every right to go to a club and do whatever they pleased.

The 2015 Spurs or 2017 Rockets, it makes no difference. We’re talking about adults who wanted to go to a club. So they did. Whether it was in a $1,200 Gucci hoodie or not, it’s all the same. Let them go to the dang club. That’s my point here.

Though really, this was all just an excuse to watch the Spurs TMZ video another 50 times or so. Now you’ve got an excuse, too. Enjoy. I’ll provide another link here, just in case.

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