Drake Took Another Shot At Meek Mill With A Sign Language Interpreter

If you aren’t too familiar with the Drake/Meek Mill beef then here’s a brief recap:

Meek Mill called Drake out on Twitter for having a ghost writer. Drake responded with his first diss track called “Charged Up.” Meek Mill once again called Drake out on Twitter again because he thought Drake’s diss was “baby lotion soft.” Drake responded with another diss track called “Back to Back” and basically ruined Meek Mill. Meek tried to answer back with his own diss track called “Wanna Know” but he waited too long to do so, it wasn’t that good and he was already pronounced dead by everyone on Earth so it just didn’t matter.

Anyways ever since this all happened Drake has been continuously throwing punches at Meek, whether it’s having a slideshow featuring memes of Meek Mill, wearing a “Free Meek Mill” shirt before OVO Fest, pronouncing that Meek Mill is dead at a concert.

Now he’s let the deaf community know that Meek Mill is done by using a sign language interpreter at his concert. In all the concerts I’ve been to, I’ve never seen a sign language interpreter there so I’m assuming Drake brought her out for the show to further his Meek Mill beatdown silently.

What Drake has done would be identical to a UFC fighter pounding on his opponents’ head even after he’s been knocked out just because he can. Everyone knows the fight has been over since round one but he keeps throwing punches just to get his point across. The only difference is in the UFC there’s a ref to control the situation. The ref in the Drake/Meek Mill situation is everyone on the internet and they’re all enjoying the fight so they won’t end it. Plus Drake is enjoying this beatdown too so he won’t stop throwing haymakers at Meek’s head anytime soon either.


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