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DMNHLF Halloween Special: The NHL Lockout Goes to the Bar

My favorite bar in Hermosa Beach, CA was having a ‘horror night’ in honor of Halloween. I, being the rabid NHL fan I am, could think of nothing scarier and more terrifying to dress up as than (drumroll please) the NHL lockout itself.

I took it a step further. I decided to get real fans reactions to the lockout first hand. I figured- where better to find some hockey fans than the bar? All interviews were done at the bar by me, going up to random people who made comments about my costume. This is what followed:

Kai from Los Angeles, CA

What do you think about the NHL?

“I think it’s a sport that needs to grow more in American eyes.”

What about the current lockout?

“The lockout is not really publicized, people don’t really know it’s going on. If more people knew maybe something could get done about it.”

How many people do you think know about the NHL lockout?

“Only NHL fans and sports analysts.”

When did you find out about the NHL lockout?

“Just now.”

To be fair, he IS from LA.


Sammy from “5 Mile, which is harder than 8 Mile”

As a Detroit fan how do you feel about the lockout?

“I’m disappointed because Henrik Zetterberg is going to be the MVP of the next season.”

Does it suck being from such a stupid town?

“It doesn’t. Detroit is the f***in auto [drunken confusion] auto city of the nation. I don’t even know what I’m saying right now. F***in Detroit rocks!”

Leave it up to the Detroit fan. I promise, I can’t make this stuff up.


Ryan (Bouncer at the bar)

Do you know about the NHL lockout situation?

“Yeah, they’re not playing hockey cuz they want their money.”

When did you find out about the lockout?

“Like a couple months ago I think. I really like the Kings, they won [last year] and I want them to come back and play.”

Are the Kings your team?

“Yeah I’m from LA.”

How long have you been a hockey fan?

“Probably about… since I was little; about nine. I started out playing hockey video games first.

Yes, well. Video games seem to be the closest we are going to get to a season at this point. Play on, playa’.


Adam, from the greatest city in the world

State your team:

“Chicago F***in Blackhawks.”

How do you feel about the NHL lockout?

“I feel it’s really unfortunate. I mean who’s really missing out is the players. The NHL is really gaining traction right now in American sports and to have a lockout at this stage is really detrimental to the sport. They need to resolve this thing. I heard the other day the Flyers couldn’t get a meeting with their owner so it’s just really unfortunate. Everyone’s missing out.”

What’s your opinion of Gary Bettman?

“Gary Bettman is, I really can’t tell just from the views what he’s really like or who he really is. But he comes off as a d*ck so that’s how it is really.”

Who do you think is more at fault? The players or the owners?

“I’m always for the players, you know. I feel like the players are the ones who make the sport and everything. The owners obviously are a huge part of the development of the league but it’s the players who make it and the players who make it fun.”

Do you think a 50/50 split is fair between the owners and players?

“I think it’s a good negotiation start but I think the players deserve a lot. I’d say 55/45.”

How do you feel about Patrick Kane signing with a team in the Swiss league?

“I mean you’re gonna see that. Everyone is going to go to international leagues. Everyone is going to go play where they can this year. No one is going to take a year off. It’s just stupid.”

Who’s your favorite hockey player?

“Number 88! Patrick Kane!’ (we klink drinks and go on our merry way)

Can we just take a second to compare and contrast the Red Wings fan with the Blackhawks fan? Guy from Chicago: articulate, well-versed and well-informed. The guy from Detroit… not. Just another reason #DetroitSucks. Sorry, had to.

But in this dire situation the NHL is in we are all NHL fans and we are all disappointed. Apparently the league and the players’ union still have hope of a deal getting done in time for the Winter Classic. They’d be stupid not to considering that single event brings in a good portion of revenue.

Guess we’ll just drink til January.



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