Scenes from Trump Hard: A Mix of “Die Hard” and The Cabinet Selection Process

It’s Christmas time!  And, with the big day rapidly approaching, we are already inundated in Christmas movies.  They are all around us.  Twenty four hours.  Evey channel.  Every moment.  Which sounds kind of like something else that is similarly unavoidable right now. . .

That’s right.  All it took was one Google and I landed on 29.4 million results.  And, if you turn on your TV, you probably feel like you’ve seen about 29.3 million of those stories.  So, I did what any masochist would do and decided: why not combine my favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard (*Author’s note: don’t fight it, it’s a Christmas movie, damn it) and the transition of one Donald J. Trump into a screenplay.  Here, for your Christmas/Political Insanity/Die Hard enjoyment are a few of the keys scenes from Trump Hard.

Scene I:

Scene II:

Scene III:

Scene IV:


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