Did David Blatt Ban Kevin Love From Postgame Instagram Posts?

After the Cleveland Cavaliers outlasted the Indiana Pacers in overtime last night, the world saw something we’ve never really seen before. Some could compare it to witnessing Sasquatch. Others could compare it to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. No matter the comparison made, we can all agree this was an extremely rare occasion.

Kevin Love made the post game Instagram photo.

Great OT road win #squadUP #ontothenext #HELLYEAHHHHimadethepic

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Last season Love’s presence in the post game IG photo was basically non-existent. We’d see the Cavaliers basically take a organization team photo after games, win or loss, but most of the time Love was missing. Major news outlets like Business Insider ran stories about how the Cavaliers would leave Love out of the post game photo.

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Even for the majority of this season Love hasn’t been in the post game picture. The only picture he was in was one that was photoshopped. He crudely put his head on Jared Cunningham’s body.

We do this.. Nothing new #SomethingSimple Haha!!!!

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This has obviously been a huge mystery throughout the NBA since it has gotten so much media coverage. But how has no one been able to solve this mystery? It’s pretty clear that all signs point to one person.

Mr. David Michael Blatt.

Blatt was in control of the Cavaliers’ head coaching duties from the summer of 2014 all the way to January 22nd, 2016 when he was fired out of the blue.

During that time Love wasn’t involved in post game picture taking activities.

Tyronn Lue got promoted to head coach and within seven games we have a Kevin Love sighting on Instagram along with some teammates.

Very interesting.

When Lue first took on questions from reporters he was asked what he’ll do differently than Blatt. Lue responded by saying “I wouldn’t use the term differently because David did a great job. “I’d say better.”

I’m assuming Lue was talking about the team’s Instagram policy because so far he’s killing it.

The main question now is:

Was Blatt not allowing Love to be in the post game pictures? 

According to my knowledge of social media antics, Love begged and pleaded with Blatt to allow him but big guns in charge chose otherwise. Blatt wanted to let the other Cavaliers have fun while he forced Love to stay in the locker room. He treated Love like the red-headed step child.

It was killing Love inside so bad that he wanted to do something extreme while staying on the down-low.

When he posted on Instagram the picture that had his head on Cunningham’s body, it was his way of crying out for help. He was trapped in the spell of Blatt and wanted to breakout of it. Since he couldn’t physically be in the picture he did what most celebrities do and used photoshop to take care of the problem. Us everyday folk laughed at the picture and thought it was Love showing his sense of humor. We couldn’t see past the picture and realize what he was going through.

Love went silent on Instagram after the picture was put up. For a whole THREE WEEKS Love disappeared from Instagram.

When he finally posted the postgame picture of himself and the team on Instagram, you could just feel the pure excitement and joy he had. Just look at one of the hashtags he used: #HELLYEAHHHHimadethepic. He was so excited he for to capitalize the letter I.

I imagine Love was like the Nintendo 64 kid as he was pressing post.

Overall, Love was just a guy who wanted to be on Instagram. Lue knew that and allowed it to happen.

It’s just a shame that Blatt’s ego got in the way and didn’t allow it.

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