Derrick Rose Displays More Than Just His New Sneaker

At the launch of his new Adidas line in Chicago on Thursday, Derrick Rose not only voiced his appreciation, but showed it as well.

The nearly 24-year old point guard broke down and cried on stage during an interview about his new signature collection, which includes a new sneaker as well as apparel. After a few seconds, and a borrowed tissue, Rose was able to put into words how grateful and amazed he was at his situation.

Derrick Rose broke down at a promo event for his new Adidas line in Chicago on Thursday. Image courtesy of

“It’s truly a blessing, man,” Rose mustered. “With all of this stuff that’s going on in this city, a kid from Englewood got something positive going on.”

Adidas has created a campaign chronicling Rose’s return from his ACL injury to coincide with his $260 million endorsement deal. It includes tweets and messages that have poured in from fans and well-wishers, all to encourage the humbled super star.

While I am still uncomfortable at the sight of men crying — clamp my hand over my mouth and call me a girl — I squealed. This just makes me melt.  He is so candid and genuinely appreciative of his situation. Don’t you (the collective fan base and media) dare rip on him for this instinctive and truthful display of emotion. The NBA, and all of professional sports for that matter, could take a lesson from this dude. No sense of entitlement or ego here. No thanking God and his family for show. He showed nothing but pure, unadulterated gratitude. Not to mention his shoes don’t come with $Right Arm and First Born price tag attached to them.

Kudos to you, Mrs. Rose, you sure know how to raise ‘em.

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