The Definitive List of Must Follows

 We are living in a rather unique time; I can’t think of another period in modern history where we can cultivate our own media diet. Thanks to social media we can get our news from the news source we want, we can follow the celebrities we find interesting, listen to the podcast we deem worthy and it’s all at the touch of our finger tips.Facebook has become the spot to keep in touch with those buddies from high school/college, peep the pictures of your cousin’s kid from out of state and try to ignore the awkward pictures from your teenage years that your parents just must post on Thursday…TBT ya’ll.

We don’t need to be told you is a good follow over there in Facebook world, because we’re usually too busy avoiding it anyway. So, this list is going to focus more on the must follows on Twitter, the hidden gems on Instagram and maybe the YouTube/Podcast that should be on steady rotation.

Welcome to the No Coast Bias (Honestly it’s pretty much just mine) Definitive List of Must Follows on Social Media!

Sports Center

Shea Serrano

You can’t start off a must follow list and leave off the greatest human being walking god’s green earth. The internet, myself included, share the same admiration this man shares for Tim Duncan. If you love basketball, hip-hop & overall great vibes then click follow over at @SheaSerrano

Bill Barnwell

This guy is the go to football follow for the list. I’m sure as your eyes move downward you’ll find other follows that talk football, but none like Mr. Barnwell does.

CJ Fogler

You want a healthy mix of sports highlights and witty banter then may I suggest to you the one and only Snarkoleptic himself CJ Fogler. I’m often amazed at how low his follow count is compared to what I imagine it should be.

Zach Lowe

Remember those kids back in high school who would study all day and night and ace the math & science exams…well that’s Zach Lowe except is basketball, something way more important than algebra.

PFT Commenter

I’ll rarely suggest following anything remotely to do with Barstool Sports, but PFT Commenter is a bright spot in a dimly light college frat fresh off a toga party.

Kevin Owens

If pro-wrestling isn’t your thing that’s cool, Kevin Owens should still be someone you follow for the sole reason that he destroys fans in such a manner you forget it’s all just a gimmick.

Bunkie Perkins

Why wouldn’t you follow a guy who quotes The Young Bucks and talks about college football?

Cian Fahey

This guy can break down QB footage like no one else. He’ll be able to let you know exactly why your quarterback is terrible, just ask Baltimore Raven fans who didn’t listen to him this past summer.

Jason Concepcion

You’ve got your Game of Thrones, your NBA, and everything in between. Plus, one of the better handles in the game.

Richard Deitsch

Aside from Awful Announcing (Another sports media must follow) no one is doing the work that Richard is doing and at the level he is doing it. From his columns to his podcast everything is a must follow.

Shams Charania

One day we’ll be talking about a thing called Woj Bombs and out grandkids will look up at us and say “Pawpaw what’s that?” and we’ll tell them it’s sorta like a Sham Wow kids but not as quick.

Benjamin Allbright

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, his name is Benjamin Allbright…you might know him as Media Sources or Uncredited. This guy knows his football, especially the Denver Broncos.


Pied Piper

Crooked I

If you’re a hip-hop head, then Crooked I is a must follow. The guy has a different hip hop related question just about every hour and he answers back just about everyone.

Hype Machine

Hype Machine brings you new music, remixes and keeps you up to date with everything in between.

Marisa Mendez

Since she made the move from Jersey to California the Bay area music on my playlist have increased. She isn’t my end all be all for music, but I’ll be dammed if she isn’t for an entertaining story.

School Boy Q

If you want to see a rapper talk shit about his kid’s soccer opponents, post dog pictures and rip on just about everything then Q is the guy for you.


This is one of the few that I’ll suggest both the Instagram and Twitter for two separate reasons. IG provides you some of the best photography I’ve ever seen and the Twitter is full of life gems and wrestling thoughts.

Quitter Fredette

You want some hip hop takes from Robin William character in Jumanji then here is your man.

Vince Staples

Staples brings a good mix of troll and I honestly know what I’m doing over here.


Odds & Ends


I mean where would the internet be if it wasn’t for Worldstar. I’m sure everyone is already follow them, but if you’re not then you should be.


There are plenty of meme pages out there, but this one is my personal go to page. By the end of the day, all the pages pretty much share the same 4-6 memes so there’s no sense in really clogging up your feed with a variety of the same cookie.

Classic Wrestling

I’m a wrestling fan, and I know I’m not alone so this right here is one of my personal favorite old school Instagram feeds.

Jensen Karp

He has one of the most engaging and entertaining Twitter feeds, host one of my favorite podcast, helped created Drop the Mic (which is the closest thing to rap battles that you can watch at work) and the feather in his cap is he dates my childhood crush Topanga.

Emilio Sparks

If you enjoy witty banter, wrestling talk, hip hop insight and a look at the underbelly of the dating app world then Sparks is your man.

Ben Coil aka Comet Coil

This is your favorite Tweeter’s favorite Tweeter. Scrolling through his feed is like scrolling through the channels on a late Saturday afternoon you’re bound to find a 80’s action movie half that you absolutely love.

Megan Batoon

I didn’t know I liked to watch countless hours of dance videos until Megan came into my life. Not only that but I’m all aboard for the food take and comedy she brings.

TDE Wrestling & Italo Santana

These two are a one, two punch when it comes to the wrestling gif game. Without them Wrestling Twitter would be a hell of a lot less interesting.

Jon Hendren

Just pure nonsense….and I mean nonsense, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s seen every episode of Reba and not be on this level of entertainment.


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