D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young: Should We Laugh or Cry?

This is a weird story, so let’s sum this up quickly. D’Angelo Russell recorded this video of his Lakers teammate Nick Young without his knowledge:

He may or may not have admitted to cheating on his fiance, Iggy Azalea. And Russell may or may not have leaked this video himself. Now all three of these people involved are tied up in this sticky situation. At different times I’ve laughed about this story, at other times I’ve wanted to cry. Let’s break down which is the more appropriate feeling, because right now I’m just as confused as you are.


This is by far the most interesting thing about the Lakers this season. Kobe retiring? Beating the Warriors? Don’t even step to me with that. This is the only thing that really matters. And that’s hilarious.


This is threatening to derail what was once a happy and entertaining relationship. It may cancel a wedding. And a wedding with Nick Young and Iggy Azalea was bound to be dope. Also, heartbreak isn’t fun. At all.


Russell pulled off a move that was dumber than anything Nick Young has done. He surpassed a man who nicknamed himself “Swaggy P” on the stupidity scale. A real power move if I’ve ever seen one.


But this was also a deliberate attempt to destroy a teammate’s personal life. What kind of garbage human being would want to do that?


He went about doing that by letting a video he took leak to a site called “Fameolous,” which no one has ever heard of. What a weird, roundabout way of accomplishing it. It’s a haphazard way to cover your tracks, I guess, like smoothing over your shoeprints in the snow with dirt.


Russell could technically be in the right here, exposing someone who’s been unfaithful. That’s almost definitely unprecedented in pro sports, but maybe someone has to be the first to do it. Iggy even seems grateful that this happened:

It’s for sure not the ideal way to handle a cheating situation, but maybe his conscious couldn’t handle sitting idly by while Young cheated. Nothing in this situation is good.


According to ESPN story on how the locker room reacted to this, Russell is being shunned and has to eat breakfast alone, like Steven Glansberg.

– – –

So yeah, the cries probably outweigh the laughs, at least so far. Maybe this will all turn out to be a misunderstanding, Iggy and Swaggy P will stay together and get married and go through with the most baller wedding of all time. I hope so. Until then, it’s just unfortunate for everyone involved. Nick and Iggy are on the rocks, D’Angelo is a pariah, and the Lakers just keep getting more sad. To live and die in LA, man.

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