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CRL Mailbag: Best Sidekicks Ever, Recommended Sports Twitter Follows, DeAndre Jordan Drama

Due to a busy week and me being on the road all weekend, this edition of the Cleats, Rhymes & Life mailbag comes to you a few days late. Better late than never, right?

This time I around answer your questions regarding the DeAndre Jordan saga, women’s sports, Twitter follows, and more. As usual, before we dive into any of that it’s time for my latest RECKLESS POWER RANKINGS.

Because of the following tweet from Scottie Pippen, I figured I would dive into the subject of the BEST SIDEKICKS EVER.

  1. Scottie Pippen – the best wing defender of all-time is STILL backing his main man MJ
  2. Flava Flav – the standard for all hype men
  3. Hit-Girl – complete badass
  4. Yoshi – the heck with Luigi, this dino was legit and actually helped you progress through the toughest levels
  5. Short Round – Indy’s most competent sidekick

Disagree with my list? Come at me bro in the comments section.

On to the mailbag!

Thoughts on the Great Emoji War of 2015? What emoji would you use if you were leaving for another site? (Patrick S. via email)

I thought the DeAndre Jordan free agency saga was both ridiculous and entertaining as hell at the same time. Other than seeing Clippers fans flip-flop their stance on Jordan once they realized he could actually be coming back, my favorite part of the whole deal was Paul Pierce tweeting out clipart and trying to pass it as an emoji.

I do wonder what’s to stop a player and franchise from colluding and screwing over another team by having said player verbally agree to sign with a rival knowing full well they are coming back to their original team? Without a paper trail, I think it would be nearly impossible to prove collusion actually took place.

As for the second part of your question, Patrick, I ain’t ever leaving my own damn site. That said, if there was an emoji for a house burning I would probably roll with that because I’d burn my entire site down if I was ever forced out like Bill Simmons and Grantland.

Are women’s sports taking over? (Maria via email) 

I don’t think they’re “taking over” by any means, but I think women’s sports are getting more and more respect by the second. However, let’s realize that most of the ratings bonanzas people like to mention when arguing for more attention for women’s sports usually involve some sort of patriotism. Americans will watch anything they’re good at and, in the case of the women’s national soccer team, I’m sure having the World Cup Final the Sunday after Independence Day probably helped draw some more eyeballs to that particular event.

Get back to me once any non-Olympics sporting event starring women consistently draws ratings.

I’m new to Twitter and I’m looking to follow a few great sports personalities. Any recommendations? (Cody Sheldon via email) 

It really depends on the sports you follow, but here are a few of my faves:

  • @celebrityhottub – jokes and jokes about all things sports
  • @russbengtson – big into hoops and hip-hop culture
  • @awfulannouncing – I have a genuine fascination with all things sports media, so if you like that stuff, give these guys a follow
  • @bomani_jones – I love a good Twitter beef and Bomani doesn’t shy away from anything
  • @edsbs – a must-follow if you love college football
  • @LSUFreek- the GIF maker supreme hasn’t tweeted in a while, but he usually picks it up during football season

Fantasy book the NXT women invading WWE (Dave via email) 

nxt women on raw

I received this question loooong before Becky, Sasha, and Charlotte debuted on RAW last night, but I’ll tell you how it should have went down. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Other than maybe having a healthy Bayley debut alongside the three women that debuted, I was totally fine with how things went down.

Never thought I would be more excited to see women wrestle than any of the men in the WWE. Maybe women are actually taking over sports.

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