Crew Log: Greatest Moments Of Post Season Pettiness

They say sports bring out the best in people, but when the playoffs come around it feels like the gloves are off in most cases. Pettiness is something that impacts people in some way or another almost everyday. When you mix it with sports and the high-stakes, pressure packed situations that come standard with the post season it is nothing short of pure entertainment.

When LeBron James busted out the St. Vincent-St. Mary’s Fighting Irish t-shirt ahead of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, people were immediately suspect of the timing. Almost no one believed that he just “happened” to throw on a t-shirt belonging to his former high school and since then it has caused a stir on social media. We at No Coast Bias live for the greatest moments of post season pettiness, so we decided to throw together some of our favorite moment in this week’s Crew Log.

The only reason people were taking about LeBron’s Fighting Irish shirt in any capacity was because ‘Bron has made a name for himself in making silent statements with what he wears off the court. But this latest wardrobe choice is certainly not the most petty playoff shirt by LBJ’s standards. In fact, it’s not even the best in the last calendar year.

Rewind to last June. The Cavs had just completed the most historic comeback in NBA finals history, on the road to the best regular season team in NBA history, thanks mostly to one of the most dominant NBA finals (and NBA playoffs, really) performance by any player ever – LeBron. As the team landed and the platers filed out, all eyes waited to see the king, who had promised to deliver a championship to his city. And after finally making good on that, it was time to unveil the Larry O’Brien trophy. All of the other players and coaches have filed out, and now it’s ‘Bron’s turn.

CLEVELAND, OH – JUNE 20: Kyrie Irving #2, LeBron James #23, Tristan Thompson #13, Kevin Love #0 and J.R. Smith #5 of the Cleveland Cavaliers return to Cleveland after wining the NBA Championships on June 20, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

This is his crowning moment. This is his legacy defining, career climax. LeBron just brought his home city, who had suffered heartbreak and championship drought for so long, their first championship in 52 years. And here comes the man who made it happen – who outperformed everyone in every category to bring that trophy home…and he’s in an Ultimate Warrior shirt. This was the single most petty thing ‘Bron has ever done, and what’s better, he was untouchable. What could anyone say? He had just come back from being down 3-1, put up one of the greatest performances ever, and beaten one of the best teams in NBA history (it’s early, but there’s little doubt this will be true) to secure Cleveland their championship. And he used his first moment in the championship spotlight to flex on that team and tell them that no matter who they might be, he is greater.

And that would have been good enough, but wait a second. What’s that? Enhance!

Oh my…is that…can that be?

Kermit drinking tea hat. LeBron really is the GOAT.

Brian Hall

I’m breaking the rules here by saying Russell Westbrook’s entire post-KD career is my “Favorite Playoff Petty Moment”, but here’s what I have to say to your criticism…

My vato Shea Serrano explains Russ’ level of pettiness better than I ever could, but I have to add that the dissonance between Westbrook’s on-court demeanor and his off the court persona is something to behold. Dude is a mercenary filled with rage on the court, but off the court he’s like a passive aggressive spouse that’s throwing jabs at his significant other. You know what I’m talking about. Those married couples that sort of hate each other, but love being creative with their shade. I’ll refrain from including any examples in the event my old lady reads this. haha.

I’m giddy with anticipation to hear Russ’ MVP speech. It has potential to be MJ-being-inducted-to-the-hall-of-fame-and-ethering-all-his-haters type good.

Derek Hernandez

Chief Officer Petty Welker came with the fire during this press conference. Prior to a game verse the New York Jets, then Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker laid down about ten not so subtle references to Jet’s coach Rex Ryan’s love for feet.

Two personal favorites of mine are “You can’t just stick your toe in the water.” & “Just go out there and be good little foot soldiers.”

Daniel Soden

When you are a master of shade like I am, you live for the pettiness. You’re talking to the guy that quote tweeted Spencer Dinwiddie to throw shade at a writer who buys his followers; and then uses the Crew Log to throw more shade at him (I see you Chris, good job getting your ratio from 99 percent fake to only 60 percent fake. You go man).

My favorite post-season petty moment was when Scottie Pippen threw down one of the most disrespectful dunks in NBA history on Patrick Ewing. The dunk alone would’ve been enough to make the list, but the pettiness didn’t end there. After the dunk, Scottie made a motion at super fan Spike Lee and during a postgame interview, Pippen said that the dunk heard ’round the world “was probably the easiest dunk I ever did”.

Ouch. Even I am not that cold hearted.

Nicholas LeTourneau

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