The First Draft of James Comey’s Senate Intel Committee Statement Has Been Discovered

Yesterday, former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his interactions with President Donald Trump. It was a big moment, regardless of what you believe has been happening behind closed doors in Washington, D.C. (*Author’s note: and New York and Mar-A-Lago, a whole bunch).

Prior to his testimony, Comey requested that the Senate Intel Committee place a copy of his written statement on their website and it was subsequently devoured by media types ad nauseam and his own testimony in front of the Committee was fascinating.

However, that was the pre-packaged and, likely, heavily edited version of Comey’s encounters. We here at No Coast Bias were able to obtain his first draft.

As for the source of this hot new document, we all know Comey is a big fan of leaking and so we’ll just leave it at that.

(*Author’s note: this is actual fake news.)

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