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Cleats, Rhymes & Life Mailbag: Bill Simmons Drama, Best Action Flicks Of All-Time, & More

The CRL, not be confused with TRL, mailbag is back in full effect.

This time around I answer your mailbag questions regarding the NBA Playoffs, Bill Simmons, Age of Ultron, and more. However, before we get into any of that, it’s time for my latest RECKLESS POWER RANKINGS.

I present to you the top 5 action flicks of all-time:

  1. Die Hard – the gold standard of action movies
  2. Terminator 2 – just delete all following Terminator sequels from your mind
  3. Predator – the testosterone levels were over 9000 for this movie
  4. Lethal Weapon – best buddy cop movie ever…sorry Beverly Hills Cop
  5. Rambo: First Blood – kill, kill, kill

Surprisingly, I didn’t receive any responses regarding my power rankings from last week, but I’m hoping this list will foster some debate.

On to the mailbag…

Following the epic Spurs/Clips series and how the second round is starting to shape up I have to ask what the top seven game series of all-time in your mind? (Cassidy via email)

You know what? Before the Spurs and Clippers squared off I thought NBA fans were over-hyping the series. There was no way that unit the Clippers called a bench would be able to even force seven games against a Spurs team that was rolling coming into the playoffs. Boy was I wrong.

Back to your question though. The 2006 Spurs/Mavs matchup was a treat (I still to this day think the Mavs deserved the title that year), the 2004 Kings/Wolves series was basically the end of that Kings run during the early 2000s, and the 2009 Bulls/Celtics produced some classic games (game 6!) and had Rondo versus D-Rose.

My personal favorite seven game series was that 2012 Celtics/Heat matchup. It was an emotional roller coaster that saw Rajon Rondo go toe-to-toe with LeBron before James decided to turn Super Saiyan in game six.

Thoughts on the Simmons exit from ESPN? Also, please tell me you’ve reached out to Bill Simmons about joining NCB. (JF via email)

If you don’t think this move matters in the grand scheme of things, you’re wrong. Love him or hate him, Simmons has influenced how sports are presented. He had a heavy hand in producing the phenomenal 30 for 30 documentary series, took basketball coverage over 9000, created Grantland, and helped bring WWE to the mainstream. Ok, I added that last point in there for selfish reasons, but he did give the brilliant David Shoemaker a platform to spread his wealth of knowledge.


I can kind of see where ESPN is coming from considering Simmons hasn’t exactly been a model employee, but the dude could produce. I think Simmons will be fine, but it’s sad to see all that he’s built at ESPN taken away from him.

What was up with all the plot holes in the new ‘Avengers’ movie? (Patrick? via email)

I enjoyed the movie, but after reading about the countless inconsistencies and plot holes on sites like you have to wonder just how bad it got for Joss Whedon backstage. Reports say that the creative process was a pain for Whedon and that the final product we all saw wasn’t close to what he wanted out there. That’s a shame considering the lights out job Joss did in the version Avengers. My only hope is that whoever is directing the Infinity Wars doesn’t f*ck it up. That’s perhaps my favorite comic book story of all-time and if done right the movies could go down as the finest cinematic interpretation of graphic novels of all-time.

Also, is Patrick confused about what his own name is? What’s up with the question mark?

Husker baseball wins 5 of 6 vs Purdue and Illinois. Chances of getting into the B1G / regional? (@nmaestas via Twitter)

This question was submitted prior to NEBRASEBALL crapping the bed against a terrible Purdue team last weekend. Do I like the team’s chances to take a series from the pretty much unbeatable Illini to ensure a postseason birth? Nah, but like my man KG said…

Assuming Ryen Russillo sticks in the afternoon slot, who is the best guy to replace SVP alongside him? Kannell and Adnan are proabbly the two most common fill-ins. Do they go that route, or look for someone new? (@JacobPadilla_ via Twitter)

First Simmons gets the boot and now my favorite radio show is no longer. Damn.

h/t: WWE Network

h/t: WWE Network

Russillo is talented enough to do a one-man show and I could see ESPN just having rotating guest hosts with him, but I’ve heard a quite a few people on Twitter pining for Kannell or Adnan to join the show permanently now. I’m a little skeptical on Kannell since he’s already hosted one failed show (remember ‘Unite‘?), but I wouldn’t hate ESPN tabbing he or Adnan as Russillo’s co-host for continuity’s sake.

An outside the box replacement pick? WWE’s Renee Young. She has previous broadcast experience with The Score, is part of the entertaining JBL & Cole Show, and does pretty much everything for the WWE. She clearly wants more and this could be a good spot for her considering there’s been a push lately to get more prominent roles for women in sports. Who am I kidding? I just want to see/hear more of her on my TV screen and on my commutes.

That’s all, folks. Yippie ki-yay, (expletive deleted)…

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