Why Chris Bosh Won’t Leave The Miami Heat

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Out of the Big Three in Miami, LeBron James is currently drawing the most attention. Seemingly, he is the best free agent available in the market this summer and almost every team around the league would love to have him onboard. However, the third wheel of the Big Three, Chris Bosh, is also an unrestricted free agent and in fact, he, too, is one of the top free agents of the summer. Bosh has also drawn much interest from teams around the NBA but eventually, he will most probably just stay in South Beach and continue to play alongside LeBron James. Let’s break down why.

Bosh is a player several teams would be more than happy to add to their roster. One of them, the Houston Rockets, has been actively chasing the versatile forward and as the latest reports state, they offered him a four – year contract worth $88 million. And as Bosh hinted, the Rockets’ offer is a very tempting one. In fact, Bosh is widely expected to take it and join forces with Dwight Howard and James Harden if LeBron James decides to depart from Miami.

Nevertheless, the most realistic scenario still wants LeBron sticking with the Heat and as a result, Chris Bosh doing the same, too. The Miami Heat have found much success since the Big Three joined forces. They won two championships in a four year span while they never missed the NBA Finals since coming together. So, obviously, the Big Three can work together, they can remain united and lead the Heat to the top once again. Pat Riley’s recipe to success has been tested and it was proven successful. Now, as the Miami’s president stated, the team needs to retool instead of rebuilding and this process has already started. The Heat made two key additions before any of the Big Three took their respective decisions to stay or go. They added Josh McRobets, who is one of the most underrated big men in the league and a former All-Star, Danny Granger.

It’s obvious that Pat Riley, the Heat’s owner Micky Arison and the rest of the front office will do whatever it takes to place the Miami Heat into a position to win more championships. The Heat are a winning organization. They do have all those elements a team needs to become a dynasty. And on top of that, the Big Three have already played four seasons together, so chemistry is also there.

As a result, if Bosh chose to leave whatever the Heat have managed to build behind in order to test his compatibility with the Rockets or any other team around the league, he would risk his chances to win another ring in the near future.

As Bosh has already stated, he enjoys playing in Miami alongside LeBron James. So, if James stays, which currently seems like the most probable scenario, Bosh is staying in South Beach, too. The Big Three have much more to give to the Heat and they are expected to decide to continue doing so.

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