Chiefs Attempt to Slow the Bleeding

On Monday Romeo Crennel announced that he was stepping down from his duties as Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator; actually he would still be carrying on as Head Coach but would be promoting Linebackers Coach Gary Gibbs to Defensive Coordinator.  His reasons were that he wanted to devote more time to the offense (which has been offensive) and special teams (who have been playing like a group of Ralph Wiggums), so that he wouldn’t seem so centered on the defense (a unit on pace to allow an astonishing 480 points this year).  It seems good ol’ Romeo finally realized that its hard enough being a Head Coach in the NFL, let alone try to coordinate the defense at the same time, essentially having two full time jobs.  Its just too bad he didn’t realize this a month ago, or better yet, before the season even started.  How’s that old saying go?  Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat the same mistakes in the future?  Todd Haley learned that lesson a few seasons ago when he tried to be the head boss and the Offensive Coordinator at the same time after firing holdover coach Chan Gailey right before the start of the regular season.  Gailey, by the way, went on to be the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills and has probably relished in the butt-whoopins his team has administered to the Chiefs the last couple seasons. 

Unfortunately, this move will prove to amount to little in the way of positive changes because the “team” seems to have accepted that the season is lost after playing uninspiring football week after week.  It’s not so much that the change is like trying to put a bandaid on a severed limb, its more like trying to treat a malignant tumor with cough syrup.  Another head scratching move was also announced, that the team had decided to cut starting cornerback Stanford Routt after signing him to a six million dollar contract in the off-season.  This was done knowing ahead of time that Routt was not a very good corner, but it did save the franchise quite a bit of dough as they were unwilling to sign free-agent Brandon Carr to a long-term deal.  Carr went on to sign with the Cowboys to the tune of $50 million dollars, and is probably thanking his lucky “stars” that he got the hell out of Kansas City before this nightmare of a season took place.  This move shows the cluelessness that is the Chiefs management, as they willingly let the superior talent walk to save a few bucks (okay, quite a few bucks) to sign the inferior and cheaper talent.  Unfortunately the inferior talent was still a better corner than any of the backups that will now be thrust into the starting role.

With the free space on the roster the Chiefs went ahead and signed journeyman DL Shaun Smith who played with the club in 2010 and was released by the Titans back in August.  Smith was a fan favorite in Kansas City, not so much for his slightly-above-average playing ability, but more so for his grab-you-by-the-balls nastiness he showed as a player, a nastiness that is lacking on the current roster.  The signing helped bolster a defensive line weakened by the loss of Glen Dorsey for the forseeable future, who reinjured his calf against the Chargers, an injury that had already cost him four games of missed playing time this season.  Smith also played for Crennel in Cleveland, and during that time allegedly hit Brady Quinn in the face with a weight after some back and forth jawing in the weight room.  If I were Brady, I might have found a way to do him some serious harm, because after Tom Brady, there’s probably not a more handsome mug in the NFL than Brady Quinn.  But I digress. 

The future of Crennel as HC in Kansas City will depend on how the team performs during this last half of the season, because ultimately there is little faith that owner Clark Hunt has the stones to allow Crennel to be fired after just one season on the job, which is unfortunate.  A full house cleaning, or better yet, burning the house down, is necessary not only to save the franchise from future futility for years to come but also as a show of faith to the fans to give them a reason to come back after this season mercifully ends. 




  1. JP

    November 6, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    It will be very tough for the Chiefs to start to look better against the Steelers and their #1 defense in Pittsburgh. If the Chiefs play them tough in that atmosphere maybe they can salvage something this year

  2. ncbsoto

    November 6, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    They will more than likely get blown out (Todd Haley will see to that), but they did manage to keep it close against the Ravens for some odd reason. I’d love to see them win but again, since they’re not going to the playoffs, may as well secure that no. 1 overall draft pick!

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