[Quick Hits] Chicago Bulls sign Vladimir Radmanovic..Championship!


Reports say that the Chicago Bulls have signed Vladimir Radmanovic to a one-year deal. Last year Vladimir, who Phil Jackson once famously called a “space cadet” averaged 4.5ppg and 2.9rpg. In case you were wondering, Omer Asik averaged 3.1ppg and 5.3 rpg last year and will be cashing fat checks that the Rockets will regret next year.


Seriously though, what are the Bulls doing? Most people have no clue what the plan is to reopen the window for a championship that seems shut tight right now. Perhaps the Bulls management will pull off a great move soon like that did for Carlos Boozer. Wait they want to amnesty him but have to wait until he isn’t owed 47.1 million? Oops. How about like the great move for Kyle Korver? Wait they just traded him for cash and a slice of Giordano’s pizza.


Nevermind looking back to past deals Bulls fans, just hope to get lucky like they did to land Derrick Rose.

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