Chicago Bulls Fans Saw Their Season Flash Before Their Eyes After Derrick Rose Came Up Limping

This video perfectly sums up what Chicago Bulls fans are gonna go through until Derrick Rose is no longer a Bull. This type of play is gonna happen to DRose at least 5 more times this year, and the reaction from Bulls fans is gonna be the exact same every time. Just immediate panic. It’s actually pretty funny that anytime DRose comes up limping, Bulls fans automatically assume that he tore his ACL again. I guess that’s the life you live if your star player has glass legs.

As a basketball fan I hope DRose can stay healthy because he’s one of the most exciting players to watch. But watching Bulls fans panic every single game is something that will never get old.


From this point on, I expect the Bulls audio staff to have Jackie Moon screaming “Everybody Panic” every time Derrick Rose comes up limping from a play.


Double P.S.

Cleveland Cavaliers are good.






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