Charles Tillman May Miss Texans Game Sunday

Reports say that Chicago Bears CB Charles Tillman may miss this weeks potential Super Bowl preview with the Houston Texas this Sunday due to the pending birth of he and his wife’s 4th child. For some reason this is a source of controversy but here are some quotes from Tillman himself:

“The wife is due any day, so hopefully this baby can stay in until after the game on Sunday,” Tillman said Wednesday on WSCR-AM 670. “I hope she stays in — I’m having another girl. Monday, for sure, but if she comes Sunday, I think I’m going to have to be at the hospital Sunday. So, I hope she stays in until after Sunday.”

At the end of the day, that’s all you have (family),” Tillman said. “This game is important to me, but after what we went through with my middle child (Tiana), to me football will always be second or third in my life. That was a great lesson learned to teach me that when I’m done playing football my family will still always be there for me.”

What Tillman is talking about when he mentions his daughter Tiana is she was born with a form of cardiomyopathy, a weakening of the heart and its pumping system, that required a heart transplant in 2008.

At the end of the day, family is what matters most. Any fan, teammate or member of management who would ever question a player missing a game for the birth of their child needs to get their priorities straight. No matter how much money players make or how much people love to watch football, being there for that moment can’t be replaced. We should be applauding Tillman for this.

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