These Celebrity Feuds Need to Be Settled In The Ring

Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy isn’t the celebrity feud we want or even the feud we deserve, but it’s the feud that we’ve been gifted. With the tumultuous beef boiling over from social media into an actual boxing match, I took the time to deep dive celebrity feuds.

I started off with the Queen of celebrity beef Taylor Swift and worked my way across hip hop beefs and end my journey with sports beefs. Plenty of these beefs have been “squashed” but there were a fair amount of them still alive and just asking for a fight to settle them.

In my mind I felt like these would be the best fights (boxing, mma or pro-wrestling) that could be made, including the hype that would go into them.

Taylor Swifts Top 3 Matchups

3. Taylor Swift vs Demi Lovato
This feud seems to be one of Taylor oldest running “beefs” dating back to her relationship with Joe Jonas. While the do have gone back and forth with songs and comments it was just about dead an over with till Demi brought the heat back. Personally I can’t see Swift defeating anyone of her foes in a fight, this would one would be the most lopsided fight.

2. Swift vs Katy Perry
This feud is actually rather boring, but with most of Swifts feud being against ex-lovers I had to throw this one in to fill things out. Swift could easily bring one of her many sidekicks to the brawl, but Perry has Right & Left Shark ready to handle her light work.

1. Swift vs Kim Kardashin w/ Kanye West in her corner
Kimye vs Swift would be a great fight, but I would need Kanye West to come out before hand and introduce Kim ala Lana introducing Rusev before each match….otherwise why bother.

Hip Hop Showdowns

Drake vs Meek Mill
Drake vs Meek Mill is arguable the most notable beef in hip-hop over the last few years. The feud started off hot with both sides digging deep into one another. This feud should have been settled following “Back to Back” and Meek’s questioning of Drake’s ghost writers, but it has since turned into a bickering battle via social media…so why not let these two go a few rounds and end this one on a high note. Personally I could see Nicki Manji coming out for the heel turn and siding back with Meek Mill after costing Drake the bout.

Joe Budden vs Drake Fans
While we are on the topic of Drake…his beef with Joe Budden leads me to my next feud. Joe Budden in a handicap match against those Drake Stans that showed up at his house would be the ultimate Budden battle. I’m thinking of allowing this to be a No DQ match thus allowing Joe to bring those rocks into the mix.

Lil Yachty vs 2Pac Hologram
Yachty took some heat when he told Billboard that he couldn’t name five songs by Biggie or 2Pac, most old heads took it as a slap in the face of “real” hip hop. Yachty is a 19-year-old kid with red braids…not exactly the guy I imagined growing up with Big & Pac on his iPod, but still it created a beef that was pretty one sided…given the fact the other two are dead. Yachty vs the hologram of 2Pac would be the greatest match-up on here. I’d put money on the hologram of 2Pac to go over.

Brawl for All

Kobe Bryant vs Karl Malone
Ain’t no beef like a beef about ya lady. Karl Malone tried to shoot his shot with Vanessa and Bryant wasn’t having it. I’ve done all the research and it looks like this one was never settled. With both men out of the game, there is no time then the better to go five rounds in the octagon. This one could be a sneaky underdog as fight of the night, with Kobe taking home the purse for best knockout.

Bill Simmons vs Roger Goodell
I’d love to see the training packages that The Ringer could put together for Simmons as he gets ready to finally get his hands on Goodell. Richard Sherman would be one hell of a coach for Simmons as he prepares for Goodell. Unfortunately, the hype for the fight would most likely be better than the actual fight.

Terry Bradshaw vs Mike Tomlin
This battle would be a war of the words. We would get Bradshaw stumbling to try and get his point across about his dislike for Tomlin, while Tomlin just continues to give us new ways to reference Bradshaw and Hollywood Henderson. Clearly at this point Tomlin should be able to take care of the elder Bradshaw, but Steelers fans could enjoy a nice little family feud.

Odell Beckham vs Josh Norman
This matchup could main event WrestleMania. Norman’s mic work plus Beckham’s ability to fly off the handle ala Roddy Piper. We could get a solid two months of build up for this slobber knocker before these guys burn the house down. I’d expect Beckham to pull out the win here since it seems like everyone goes over on Norman these days.

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