Can The San Antonio Spurs Beat The Heat?

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The San Antonio Spurs wanted to take revenge from the defending champs, the Miami Heat. After a devastating meltdown in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals and the loss of the championship, Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and their company wanted to face the Heat once again this season, in what might be the last push for the championship of the Big Four as a unit. So, realistically speaking, can the Spurs beat the Heat?

The San Antonio Spurs are currently highly motivated. They know that they might not have a chance to reach thus far in the next seasons, given that Tim Duncan is 38 and Manu Ginobili is 36. So, when it comes to their mentality, the sense of urgency and their desire to win the trophy, they are all there.


Like every opponent to of the Miami Heat in a seven – game series, the San Antonio Spurs clearly hold the advantage inside. Although Chris Bosh has proven that he can be lethal if he finds his rhythm, he is not a typical inside player. Tim Duncan, Tiago Splitter and Boris Diaw can outmuscle and outplay Miami’s bigs. In fact, we should expect the Spurs to feed the post much in this series, trying to take advantage of Duncan.

In this newly-formatted NBA Finals the San Antonio Spurs will now have the home court advantage. Unlike last year, when the Heat player Game 7 in front of their home crowd, the Spurs will now be the ones to get the extra push by their fans in a potential Game 7.

The San Antonio Spurs can also feel optimistic about their role players or to put it more accurately about their players other than their Big Three. Kawhi Leonard showcased some tangible proofs that he is an emerging superstar, Danny Green is a player who can turn a game around with his deeds and mostly with his three – point shooting and in overall, the Spurs do have a deeper bench than Miami. That’s the good news for Gregg Popovich and his group. Now, let’s see the bad news.


Two words.

LeBron James.

As long as the Miami Heat have LeBron James up and running, they will be extremely tough to beat. It’s true that Kawhi Leonard did a decent job containing the world’s best basketball player last season and it’s also true that the Spurs are a defensive – minded team. Nonetheless, LeBron is playing the best basketball of his career and he will be a true nightmare for the Spurs in this series.

Another strength of the Heat, one that could kill the Spurs in some of the games of the NBA Finals is the clutch abilities some of Miami’s role players possess. We all remember what Ray Allen did last season and chances are, he splinters the Spurs once again. Allen, Shane Battier and even Norris Cole or Chris Andersen can all make the difference with their game. They don’t need much more than a few plays to get in a row and start making one crucial play after another.

This should be a highly contested and very close matchup between two true powerhouses.

Neither team has the clear advantage.


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